Justin Bieber Accused Of Stealing Beat On Changes From Artist

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When a song comes out, it’s not rare for it to be accused of plagiarism by someone who’s trying to make a buck off of someone else’s music. But very rarely are the similarities this suspicious. A 31-year-old named Asher Monroe says that Justin Bieber‘s song with Lil Dicky “Running Over,” uses the beat he created for the song “Synergy.” And if you listen, it sure sounds *exactly* the same — just in a slightly different key.

Asher took to his Instagram Stories to accuse Bieber and Scooter Braun of stealing the beat. “Hey @justinbieber / This is my beat! @scooterbraun Really guys??” he wrote using side-by-sides of the two songs on Apple Music.

Very rarely does a case of music-stealing seem so cut-and-dry. Listen for yourself. Here’s the 2019 song from Asher:

…And here’s the 2020 song from Justin Bieber:

You don’t have to listen to the whole thing, either. It becomes pretty apparent in the first two seconds of each song that one is not unique.

This isn’t the first time that the Biebs has been accused of stealing his music from another artist. In 2016, Justin was sued for stealing the “Sorry” melody from “Ring The Bell” by White Hinterland. Before that, his and Usher‘s “Somebody to Love” was faced with a $10 million copyright infringement suit by R&B artist Devin “De Rico” Copeland and songwriter Mareio Overton.

This latest case of alleged infringement doesn’t look good for J.B. The beats are almost identical. On Asher’s Twitter, a similar IG Story appears that says Justin Bieber “jacked [his] swag,” but clarified he’s “not hating just was pointing out [he] was ahead of the curb.” Then again, if Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun were making Benjamins off of a track I created, I would most certainly be “hating.”