Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran Tease Upcoming Collaboration On May 10

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It’s too late for an April Fools Day trick, so we’ve gotta believe that Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran are working on something together after their recent Twitter posts and the one from Scooter Braun, who manages JB and Ariana Grande (you can thank him for that Coachella performance).

First, Scooter posted a side-by-side of Ed and Justin in front of (probably the same) green screen with the caption “10.” Then, Justin did the same with two separate photos after RT’ing Scooter’s. He also ‘liked’ posts that say the two are working on a “secret project” and one that said “JustinBieber X EdSheeran is coming?” It’s definitely piqued our interest. Y’all know Scooter knows how to keep the fans thirsty for more.

Ed Sheeran also posted an Instagram that Photoshopped the two photos together to make it look like Justin was spooning him.

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10. Photoshop spoon

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Again, “10.” So, as Justin would say, “what do you mean?” Since May 10th is ten days away, we’ve got a pretty good feeling that will be the release date. And since they’re both in front of a green screen, we’re thinking there’s a good chance it’s a song and music video. Or at least, that would be ideal.

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