Kaitlyn Bristowe Spills Behind-the-Scenes Secret Sexism On The Bachelorette

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Kaitlyn Bristowe says she just got back into ABC’s good graces but, sorry girl, your last appearance on LadyGang might have messed that up for you again. Along with spilling tea about her breakup with Shawn Booth (he dumped her and kept the dog; she kept the ring but would have preferred the dog) and her rebound with Jason Tartick (they got together after she and Shawn split but before it was announced to the public), she also let it slip the wildly sexist thing that The Bachelor / The Bachelorette creator told her about participating on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars — which BTW, Chris Soules, Jake Pavelka, and Sean Lowe have all done.

Wait… The Bachelor franchise? Sexist? This is brand new information. We just didn’t expect it to be this overt. According to Kaitlyn, she had signed her DWTS contract when she was told Mike Fleiss wouldn’t allow her to be on the dancing competition. “The creator of the show told me that I wasn’t allowed to do it because Shawn should be my only passion, not dancing.”

Though it could just be your run-of-the-mill sexism, Kaitlyn also thinks she knows why ABC blacklisted her from DWTS and other ABC events in the years since her run as the show’s leading lady. “I think because I spilled my whole season — the secret — on Snapchat by accident and I think they think I did that on purpose which I did not,” she explained.

Honestly, it’s not like every other season of The Bachelor / The Bachelorette isn’t spoiled before the finale by Reality Steve. Hell — we already know who Hannah Brown‘s top two guys are and the season just premiered last night. (Don’t worry, we’re not going to spoil it here.)

Kaitlyn recently attended The Bachelorette reunion ahead of this season’s premiere. When asked who in the photo she’d shared a makeout partner with, she said Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin. If Andi Dorfman had been there, she would’ve had to say Andi, too.

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