Katy Keene & Riverdale Just Crushed Our Crossover Dreams

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The CW has crushed our dreams yet again. CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed on Thursday that there probably won’t be a crossover between Riverdale and our newest Archie Comics TV obsession, Katy Keene.

Mark explained that in-universe, Katy Keene will be set five years after Riverdale, so any Riverdale characters that came to Katy Keene would have to be much older than they are now. Considering most of the quotidian action on Riverdale right now is centered around the characters’ collegiate ambitions, seeing Archie “I Got A 600 Combined On My SAT” Andrews or Betty “My Mom Gave My College Fund To A Cult” Cooper five years from now would basically spoil the rest of this season and cuckold the writers if they’re planning on a Riverdale season nine (or beyond!). Riverdale just confirmed its fourth season, so it’s only a matter of time before we’re celebrating a decade of KJ Apa‘s rock-hard abs and Lili Reinhart‘s slow descent into high ponytail-induced baldness.

My question is, why would they do this if Riverdale specifically has no time period? Half of the time, it’s 1950s Americana, then suddenly the characters all have iPhones. Cole Sprouse explained during a Reddit AMA in 2017 that Riverdale doesn’t have a set time period, so Katy Keene is going to take place five years from… never?

It seems like the showrunners did this just to rob us of a Riverdale and Katy Keene crossover, or to try and dissuade Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa from asking his Riverdale stars to sing for the three-hundredth time. Katy Keene is going to be a musical-dramedy, and you know Roberto loves hearing Camila Mendes, Ashleigh Murray, and Madelaine Petsch sing.

Katy Keene will follow the title character, Katy, an actress, model, and singer who’s been marketed as America’s Queen of Fashion since the years of 1950s pin-ups, and three unconfirmed Archie Comics characters. Teen Vogue‘s guess is that Katy’s rival Gloria Grandbilt, boyfriend K.O. Kelly, her sister, and Lucki Lorelei will likely round out the cast roster. Katy Keene and her friends will be following their dreams in New York City, so the CW really didn’t have to hit us with the “lol but they’re ~in the future~” angle to kill any plans for a crossover with current Riverdale characters, but maybe a side-character from Veronica’s bad b*tch past could still stir up some trouble, like Elio or literal date rapist Nick St. Clair.

Mark hasn’t ~totally~ ruled out a crossover, he’s just made it really hard for the showrunners to give us one. “Any of the Riverdale characters who come to Katy Keene will be older,” Mark said, trying to throw us a bone after our hopes for a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale crossover were completely torpedoed by the CW passing on the dark series and letting it get snatched up by Netflix.

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