Katy Keene Episode Eight Recap: Who’s Your Daddy?

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katy keene episode eight

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Katy Keene episode eight picks up in the aftermath of Jorge and Bernardo’s tragic assault. It feels weird even teasing the other characters’ stories for tonight (Katy and Xandra fight, then probably make up; Josie makes a music video without telling her manager boyfriend; and Pepper tries to have a birthday party worthy of her scammer clout) considering the gravity of Jorge’s attack. Hate crimes hit a 16-year high in 2019 according to the FBI, and there’s no reason to believe they’ll stop rising any time soon. This is a very real problem, and we can only hope Katy Keene treats it with the weight it deserves. Let’s find out together!

Katy Keene Episode Eight Recap: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

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Jorge’s family, hereditary and chosen, gather in the aftermath of his attack. Jorge is badly beaten, but Bernardo managed to fight the homophobes off before they could do permanent damage. KO learns the thugs followed Jorge from Mollie’s Crisis, makes sure Jorge is OK, then tries to make a graceful exit. KO is Jorge’s family, whether he’s dating Katy or not. Can we take a moment to appreciate that KO remains the best boyfriend in existence? Katy notices, and she asks him to lunch as friends. Incidentally, this all forces Jorge to come out to his father as a drag performer, who does not take it well.

The next day, Alexander tells Josie that Cabot Senior cancelled her Apollo gig. Cabot Senior hasn’t even listened to Josie’s EP, and I suspect it’s because a relapse was not what he had in mind when he asked Josie to look after Alex. Josie takes matters into her own hands by mailing her EP to local radio stations and Apple Music, thanks to Pepper, who connects Josie with Raj to drop a surprise music video. Uh, I think that only helps if you’re *already* famous.

Bernadette Peters is back (thank God!), to celebrate (her… daughter?) Pepper’s birthday. Whether Ms. Freesia is Pepper’s mother, mother figure, or just a random street goddess, she’s definitely the woman that taught Pepper how to con. Ms. Freesia proposes their annual birthday scam, and Pepper politely declines. Her cokehead donor, Gordon-ish Chad Gecko, is already out of jail (he’s white, what did you expect?), and Pepper is ready to go legit. Unfortunately, Chad is now sober. I mean, fortunately for *him*, but now he’s no longer willing to give money sight unseen. He wants to meet Pepper’s artists, and she turns her birthday party into a showcase of the artists who have been calling the Pepper Plant home.

Katy can’t quit her job at Lacy’s because her apprenticeship with Guy is unpaid — that’s real — and she also just can’t quit KO. She has lunch with her ex, who reveals that he’s now modeling to pay the bills and dating his employer, Xandra. Katy takes the news well, but there are definitely some unresolved feelings here. Katy shows up to her first day of apprenticing to learn that she has to interview for the position against a cohort of superstar applicants. Why do I feel like this is all a test? She begins her interview by oversharing, and Guy questions her ability to do the job without being affected by her weekly dramas. He tasks her with repossessing a dress he designed for Xandra.

Katy panics and invites Xandra to Pepper’s party, where Pepper introduces Chad to her artist friends. So, I guess there isn’t a scam? Boo. Chad went to boarding school with Alex and does *not* like him. He’s even more upset when Xandra appears — she double-crossed him on a deal last year because she’s a snake. Case in point: Xandra wears Guy’s dress to the party out of spite. Xandra tells Josie to persevere despite her step-father not liking Josie’s EP. She meant it in a nice way (for once), but it looks like Alex lied. He also took down Josie’s music video because she doesn’t understand how contracts work. He goes full Empire, and he explains her tenuous position in his father’s favor. He knows a full rollout under Cabot is better than a homemade one anyone and their cousin could do, and he’s willing to wait for Cabot Senior to cool off. Alex is right, you know.

Jorge finally talks to his father. He’s not *mad* that Jorge does drag, he’s just deeply terrified for Jorge’s safety. Jorge attends Pepper’s birthday party in street clothes, which concerns his friends, but his rousing speech in favor of Pepper and her Plant would have convinced Chad to invest if Ms. Freesia didn’t crash the party first. The gang are meeting Ms. Freesia for the first time, so we all finally get to hear the story of who TF she is. Pepper considers Freesia her aunt, but they actually met when eight-year-old Pepper was doing her homework alone in a hotel lobby. Long story short, Freesia took Pepper under her wing… if any of this is true. Freesia’s presence reveals many of Pepper’s lies: She didn’t grow up in England, and she promised both Xandra and Josie the role of the Spider Woman. In the excitement, Xandra spills red wine on her dress. KO stands up for Katy, which starts a fight. Katy and Xandra have a heart-to-heart in the bathroom, and Katy apologizes for attacking KO’s new relationship. Katy still doesn’t get the dress, though. Pepper doesn’t get her donor money, either — Ms. Freesia steals it, then makes a stealthy exit. The only person Pepper can talk to is her father — the hotel doorman who she gifted a watch on episode three.

Katy’s second heart-to-heart is with Jorge, who visits his father as Ginger and informs him that she’s here to stay after organizing a full-on LGBTQ rights rally at the corner where he was attacked. It was beautiful. Katy and KO agree to be friends, and with Josie’s solo career on hold, she’s thinking about getting the band back together:

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