Katy Keene Episode Eight Recap: Who’s Your Daddy?

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I’d rather Katy Keene try to address the struggles that drag queens and other members of the LGBTQ community face on a daily basis than ignore them entirely. Characters can’t *only* be their sexuality or race (an issue I’m worried Jorge’s character will fall into down the line), but their sexuality and race also shouldn’t be totally disregarded. And I’d rather series include diverse characters instead of hetero-washing and whitewashing their worlds because they don’t think they can handle covering their stories. At the same time, if you’re going to do it, you need to do it right. Media, even (and maybe especially) light-hearted media made for teens, has a responsibility to portray the world as it is, and it can be done without making every episode a Very Special Episode. Basically, what I’m saying is, this sh*t is hard! And that’s why we need diverse writers rooms because white b*tches like myself barely know what we’re talking about! I think Katy Keene toed this line well by regularly having characters throughout the episode, keeping his wounds visible throughout the episode, and generally not allowing things to just immediately return to “normal,” similar to how Nancy Drew has been incorporating different viewpoints super masterfully throughout *their* first season. It was also reminiscent of how well Riverdale incorporated Luke Perry‘s death this season. (Yay, CW! Keep doing you, bby.) But also, I could be totally wrong! Let me know how you feel about all this in the comments. But I’m pretty sure that Katy Keene really dealt with this well and was right to try. These shows are sparkly on the outside, but I’ve been wrong to underestimate them.

On a lighter note, I just remembered that Katy Keene is set five years from now and am cackling that the CW thinks we’ll all still be alive in 2025. We’ve got pestilence, plague, earthquakes, fires… If any of the Archie Comics shows are indicative of our future, it’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. You know, because it’s all about the apocalypse.

So, Guy is clearly a dom, right? Like, this is ramping up to a 50 Shades-style sex bunker in the atelier, no question about it. Another question: If Josie performed in the Spider Woman cabaret, why would Xandra still think *she’s* getting the leading role on Broadway. And if Pepper’s accent turns out to be fake (like a reverse Bess Marvin), I will scream. Did they just forget to wrap up Katy’s story with Guy? Like, is she his apprentice or not? And what’s the deal with no one in the Archieverse understanding basic legal facts like how patents or contracts work? Katy Keene episode eight left us with more questions than answers.

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