Katy Keene Episode Four Recap: It Takes Two To Twincest

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katy keene episode four

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Katy Keene episode four goes full Riverdale tonight: we’re talking musical numbers, twincest, the whole nine yards. Don’t worry, no one’s gotten murdered or fought a bear… yet. Katy is still reeling over her breakup with KO, while Jorge is getting used to the new man in his life. Meanwhile, Pepper’s artist warehouse has become a porno set and Josie might have to sell her soul to the Cabots. Also, Satan is here. Just a regular day in New York City.

Katy Keene Episode Four Recap: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

katy keene

The CW

We open on our young heroine asleep in a window at Lacy’s wearing a dress I swear I almost bought at For Love and Lemons last week. Because this is the CW, of course there’s a flashback to a few days earlier, when a seriously depressed Katy ~almost~ gets talked into a Girls’ Night Out by her seriously concerned roommates. She decides to throw herself into work instead, which is obviously going to go really, really well. Guy de la Montange, a fancy Parisian designer, is considering bringing his new line exclusively to Lacy’s, and Gloria decides to make Katy an integral part of her team. Guy doesn’t want to go brick-and-mortar, and when Katy confuses Guy with Alexander McQueen, he decides to pass on the partnership. Her faux pas is even worse than she thought since Guy’s line was Lacy’s only hope of staying open past the next year. Lacy herself gives Katy an ultimatum: Get Guy back, or lose her job.

Alexander asks Josie to meet his father without Xandra around, which seems like a big step for their non-relationship. Josie scoffs at having to sign an NDA before their meeting like rich people don’t regularly have people sign NDAs just to watch them breathe, then Xandra shows up (gasp!) to totally steal Josie’s thunder by taking the upper harmony on her song. Of course, Xandra has plenty of parties to poop, and she’s supposed to meet with Guy for her own exclusive deal in an hour. She slides in just in time to drop the bomb that Xandra and Alexander were high school sweethearts, which is how their parents got together, Lily van der Woodsen-and-Rufus Humphrey-style. Yeah, don’t worry, they’re step-siblings, which makes that sexy robe Alexander bough Xandra last episode marginally less creepy.

Pepper gives KO’s roommate, Raj, a tour of her warehouse as a prospective new artist. She agrees to lease him the space for half her fee plus his fabulous velvet couch, but she probably should’ve asked where that couch has been before striking up a deal. No, we’re not talking about bed bugs (although, for a show set in NYC, someone should be)— Raj’s art is, um, well… it’s gay orgy porn. When her landlady gets word, Pepper almost gets evicted, but Bernardo and Jorge save the day by impersonating police officers (which is a felony! fun!). Speaking of Jorge and his new man, Jorge and his firefighter beau are, well, on fire. Until his parents crash the party, that is. Looks like it’s a big day for premature Meet the Parentses. His parents love Bernardo a little *too* much, so much so that Jorge becomes insecure about being a twink instead of a beefcake. Eventually, Jorge’s jealousy gets the best of him, and things aren’t looking too hot for the new couple. They have a heart to heart about how awesome Jorge is and everything’s fine, Bernado is super sweet. The real confrontation is between Jorge and his dad, who needs to respect that Jorge is dope just the way he is and totally deserving of love.

Josie’s depression/righteous anger is the push Katy needed to go GNO at a replication of Studio 54. The nostalgia is strong in this one. Pepper and Guy are old friends from being young and fabulous, and she happens to know that his meeting with Xandra is at this very club, giving Katy the opportunity she needs to ask him for a second chance. Xandra’s easily distracted by an opportunity to hate on Josie, but Josie goes high by complimenting her voice. Unfortunately, Guy just isn’t interested in collaborating with Lacy’s, faux pas or no pas. Katy’s night goes from bad to worse when KO shows up at the club. He’s interviewing to be the club’s new bouncer because he’s giving Mollie’s Crisis to Katy in the divorce. The vibe officially soured, Katy and company go out for dollar slices, where Katy runs into none other than Guy heading to his car. Instead of pandering, she insults his work, and he’s so impressed by her candor and general New York-ness that he asks for an after-hours tour of Lacy’s. PSA: That sh*t only works on TV. If I told some famous dude his work sucked, it wouldn’t be “refreshing” it would just be “hella rude.” They bond over their shared rebranding and love of fashion, and Katy offers him the entire 8th floor as his atelier, à la Halston. She almost sealed the deal (in more ways then one) before she yaked all over her shoes and fell asleep in the 5th Avenue window. Aaaand we’ve come full circle.

Yeah, Lacy isn’t happy about Katy’s late-night adventure, or Guy’s decision to work with Lacy’s so long as he can have that promised 8th floor… which wasn’t Katy’s to offer. Surprisingly, Grace comes to Katy’s aid and shows Lacy that Guy’s atelier could be the answer to all of their problems. Speaking of saving graces, Mr. Cabot asks Josie for lunch to congratulate her for having the chutzpah to stand up to Alex. He’s willing to fund Josie’s first EP, but only if she dates Alex to keep him on the right path. Will she say yes? Only time will tell.

Most CW Moment

Twincest. Just… twincest. Love the Flowers in the Attic reference, though.

Katy Keene Episode Four: Weirdest “New York” Moment

That Katy would be eating this dollar slice with NO SHOES ON. It’s New York in FEBRUARY. Not only would that be cold AF, but running anywhere in this city without shoes is like asking for Tetanus.

How We Feel

katy keene episode four

The CW

Setting aside that Guy de Montparnasse isn’t even pretending to be French, we were fully prepared to hail satan when Luke Cook showed up on tonight’s episode. We’ve been so bummed that the supreme daddy of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was relegated to non-sexual villain status during his first Archie Comics foray, so having Luke’s “Guy” introduced as a new love interest for Katy is something we can really get behind. Finally, the Dark Lord will get to use his powers (of smolder) for good. Honestly, having a familiar face as Katy’s rebound was a good call. We spent most of tonight’s episode begging Katy to take KO back — he remains the *perfect* man — but Guy comes with the built-in swoon factor necessary to temporarily distract us from our OTP.

Lucy Hale finally sang, and we’re surprised it took Katy Keene four episodes to put this former country star in the mix. Yep, this is going to be one of those Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shows that becomes completely overrun by singing, isn’t it? Whatever, we all still watch Riverdale, so it’s not like we can judge. And Katy Keene is clearly getting its bag this season, with or without an audience (although, it helps that Katy‘s a smash hit): if Josie name-dropped Target one more time, I was about to make my own product placement drinking game. You know that’s some paid advertising sh*t because they didn’t have to call it Smarget or Bullseye or Tracy True whatever off-brand name has been deemed cutesy enough by the Archie Comics Powers That Be.

Katy Keene Episode Four FAN REACTIONS

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