Riverdale Spin-Off Katy Keene Adds Lead Love Interest For Lucy Hale

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Fall cannot come soon enough, and not just because we miss PSL season. The newest Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene looks so good that we just can’t wait, and it keeps getting better. Deadline announced two new additions to the Katy Keene cast late yesterday morning, and we’re totally stoked.

Archie-verse newcomers Zane Holtz and Katherine LaNasa have been added to the ever-growing cast. You might know Zane from his supporting role in the 2003 masterpiece Holes or as superstar gymnast Austin Tucker in Make It Or Break It. He’s done other stuff since then, including a featured role in Demi Lovato‘s music video for “Confident,” but Katy Keene will be his biggest role to-date. Katherine has been in a ton of television shows we haven’t seen and the CW’s Dynasty reboot.

Zane will play Ko Kelly, Katy’s Queens-born wrestler boyfriend who works as a personal trainer and a bouncer to pay the bills on his road to the welterweight championship. Katherine is Gloria Grandbilt, a personal shopper at Lucy’s department store who has reached legendary status. We know that Lucy Hale‘s Katy will get a job at a department store during the first season, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes one of Gloria’s long-suffering assistants.

The series’ premiere is still a long ways away, and we’ll take any news we can get. Just Jared Jr. found some on-set pictures from filming of Zane’s character Ko and Lucy’s Katy out on a romantic date where Ko gets down on one knee. Katy does not look happy, so I wouldn’t bet on a happily-married Katy this early in the series quite yet.

Zane and Katherine’s co-stars didn’t take to Twitter to congratulate them on their casting news, but since they’re already filming in New York City, they can just tell them in person. It’s not like they’re exactly surprised at this point.

The actors’ responses to the news being released were very in sync with their character descriptions. Zane threw up some boxing gloves to celebrate:

Meanwhile, Katherine used her words to express her excitement:

And although Ashleigh Murray didn’t share her thoughts on the casting news, she did give us a glimpse of her character earlier this week in the Twitterverse:

I guess it’s safe to say Josie’s romance with Archie Andrews isn’t going to work out. Spoilers, much? Just kidding, they were literally never going to work based on their aggressive lack of chemistry alone. Josie is rocking a killer post-grad look in the photo. It’s been known that Katy Keene takes place five years after the current season of Riverdale, so our girl Josie has likely just graduated college and is ready to face the big bad world in the city. The yellow purse, cheetah print coat combo is very in line with what literally everyone here has been wearing lately, but the red hair is a fun statement. Maybe it’s a tribute to her high school BF.

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