Katy Perry’s Official Shoe Brand Drops Big Hint About Potential Taylor Swift Collab

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We need to calm down! But we can’t! Some fans think that Katy Perry‘s shoe brand, KP Collections, is secretly hinting at a collaboration with the “Never Really Over” singer’s former enemy Taylor Swift. The evidence is far from conclusive … but we’re not not convinced.

This morning, @kpcollections, the official Twitter account for Katy Perry’s shoe collection, posted a tweet celebrating #WorldEmojiDay. At first, it seemed like the sort of corporate tweeting that brands do in order to drive engagement and feel relevant, but then fans noticed something that wasn’t very subtle to begin with. The background image of the brand’s tweet looks *a lot* like the cover art for Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover.

Katy and Taylor very publicly buried the hatchet in June when the two pop superstars shared a touching hug in the video for Taylor’s new single “You Need To Calm Down.” The truce came after over six years of feuding between the two, which all started when Katy allegedly hired backup dancers out from under Taylor during her Red tour.

Rumors of a collab have been floating around the internet ever since Taylor started gearing up for her new album cycle in April. Recently, an anonymous Reddit user, u/comingsoontoitunes, who claims to be a music insider, dropped the news that a Katy x Taylor collaboration will be coming in August, but implied that it would not be part of Taylor’s new album. They also hinted at a VMA performance featuring both Katy and Taylor. Of course, one should take anonymous internet sources with a huge grain of salt, but there seem to be a whole lot of rumors floating around out there.

It seems pretty suspicious that Katy’s shoe brand used a background that looks just like the Lover cover art. But maybe we’re just letting our desire for a collab cloud our judgment.

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