Kit Harrington Spills On Finale Battle After Last Game Of Thrones Trailer Released

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kit harrington spilled final season

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We need to talk about Game of Thrones.

Yesterday was a big day in the GoT fandom. The final trailer for the final season was finally released, then Kit Harrington went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and gave basically nothing away (but looked very, very cute while doing it). It’s a lot to dissect. While Kit emphasized how little he and his castmates are allowed to say about the series’ epic conclusion, he did let slip that the last six episodes will include a battle that took fifty-five nights to film. That’s nearly eight weeks filming one battle. The Game Of Thrones cast spent ten months filming six episodes, and at least two of those months was creating one battle.

Stephen Colbert reveals that he’s heard the battle (ostensibly between the living and the Night King’s army of the dead) is even bigger than Peter Jackson‘s Battle Of Helm’s Deep in The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, and Kit confirmed that he thinks it might be “the biggest battle on TV or film,” EVER. That would be a fitting way to end one of the most obsessed-over series to air on television.

While Kit really didn’t reveal ~anything~ else about the final season, it’s clear that characters we love will die. That’s kind of a given, really, but Kit’s jokes with Stephen about how “no one dies” shows that it’s such an obvious conclusion that Kit can joke about it with impunity. He also admitted to crying like a baby (we’re paraphrasing) during the final table reads:

“I was shocked and surprised at certain events unfolding,” he said, diplomatically. “And then I blubbed my eyes out.”

That’s the most information we’re going to get from the cast about what’s in store for us starting April 14, but the last trailer has given us a lot to dissect, too.

[youtube_iframe id=”rlR4PJn8b8I”]

Jamie Lannister reaffirms his commitment to fight for the living, Sansa Stark sees Khaleesi’s dragons for the first time, and Jon Snow might be the third head of the dragon. Wait, what? Yup, it looks like Jon is gearing up to ride the dragon named after his probable father, Rhaegal.

It’s been known that Jon is probably the Prince That Was Promised Rhaegar spoke of during Daenerys Targaryen’s visions in “A Clash Of Kings,” where we also learned “the dragon has three heads.” Fans have taken this to mean that Dany’s three dragons will likely each have a rider, and even though the Night King killed Viserion and resurrected him for his own mount, TBH that can still count. That just leaves Rhaegal without a rider, and at 1:22 in the trailer, Dany and Jon are seen approaching Drogon and Rhaegal. Sure, nothing else happens, but that’s enough to prompt the question: Is Jon going to ride that dragon?

Excuse me while I try to rewatch the last seven seasons before April 14 to prepare for the most epic finale in television history.

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