Lili Reinhart Begs Riverdale To Stop Messing Up Bughead Sex Scenes

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bughead sex scenes

The CW

Bughead really cannot catch a break. Every time they get kinda hot and almost heavy, their parents walk in or a new serial killer appears in town. They’ve resorted to using Dilton Doiley’s suicide cult bunker as a rendezvous spot, and as Cheryl Blossom so beautifully put it last night: “A lot of people have had sex on that cot.”

In last night’s Riverdale episode (PSA: if that phrase didn’t tip you off already, there are spoilers ahead), Betty and Jughead’s sexy time is interrupted by both sex *and* death! As seemingly every parent in town realized they’ve been duped into a fake recreation of Ascension Night, they call their children in a panic and interrupt their (hopefully safe?) sex.

Lili Reinhart noticed that this isn’t the first time Betty and Jughead have been c*ckblocked by their parents or a mass murder conspiracy, and she has one simple plea for Riverdale‘s writers:

To be fair, Bughead absolutely did not get the worst end of the stick last night. Kevin and Moose are literally interrupted by the Gargoyle King trying to kill them and every parent in Riverdale coming to save them, so maybe Lili can chill with her straight privilege. As always, the LGBTQ characters get the worst end of the stick. Koose (Mevin? Even their couple names are crappy) gets dragged out of bed by their RROTC classmates and friends trying to *help Moose’s father kill them.* Like, all of their friends saw them post-coital and also are homophobes. AND conversion therapy comes back into the story again because that’s definitely something the CW can be super flippant about with impunity. Bughead can deal with getting interrupted by parents that love them, k?

bughead sex scenes

The CW

Let’s just let all of the Riverdale teenagers have sex uninterrupted regardless of their sexual orientations because none of them have had the best of luck in that department. Remember when Betty *tried* to have sex for the first time only for like fifty gang members to show up outside and initiate her boyfriend into the Serpents? That was admittedly rough. Cheryl might not get into the college of her choice due to homophobia, but we all have our problems. Betty and Jug have a nice, long makeout before the Black Hood calls Betty to tell her to cut ties with her friends and family, which is pretty traumatic. Betty got her fun wrecked by her parents *and* a murderer there, since her dad is, you know, a mass murderer. But Kevin almost got killed while gay cruising. So. Kind of a toss up. When Betty and Jughead have sex for the first time, Betty’s mom accidentally kills someone with her half-brother. It’s really all bad. But Choni has been together for over a season now and haven’t even gotten a sex scene to be interrupted by her madame mother or a bunch of evil nuns.

Maybe what Riverdale really needs is a good family therapist.

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