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Lili Reinhart Suggests Cole Sprouse Duet On Riverdale Is “Favorite Scene” Ever Filmed

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Lili Reinhart Suggests Cole Sprouse Duet on  em Riverdale em  Is  Favorite Scene  Ever Filmed cole sprouse duet 640x400 jpg

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Looks like Lili Reinhart and Twitter have finally worked out their issues because she was tweeting up a STORM during Riverdale‘s special musical event last night. She sang Casey Cott‘s praises (the kid is from a Broadway family, and it *shows*), told us about KJ Apa‘s love of musical episodes and shared that her “favorite scene [she’s] ever filmed” on Riverdale was coming up.

And then right after, she retweeted this GIF of her duet with Cole Sprouse:

So, clearly, her favorite scene ever filmed was singing “Seventeen” from Heathers: The Musical with her on- and off-screen BF. The girl has good taste! The scene is pretty ~passionate~ so that had to be a good time for the real-life lovebirds, and we all knew Bughead would be singing one of Heathers‘ most famous songs because it’s so applicable to their story. J.D. was only a beanie away from giving his own “I’m a weirdo” speech in that musical, s2g.

The real shock of the night clearly wasn’t their song choice, and it wasn’t even Chad Michael Murray snatching all of our wigs as cult leader Edgar Evernever.

Seriously, I will join his cult anytime.

Lili Reinhart Suggests Cole Sprouse Duet on  em Riverdale em  Is  Favorite Scene  Ever Filmed sub buzz 24488 1532390606 1 jpeg

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Anyway, the point is that even Chad’s reincarnation from hot teen soap star to hot teen soap DILF wasn’t the biggest surprise last night. Who knew Cole Sprouse could like *sing* sing?

When Riverdale did Carrie: The Musical, Cole dead*ss told Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (who told TVLine, that gossipy b*tch) that if he didn’t sing for Disney it would take a lot to convince him to sing for The CW. Word on the street is he also sings in Five Feet Apart, but I have a feeling he would have done anything Justin Baldoni asked of him (as would I, JS). For Riverdale, I’m gonna hasard a guess that Cole is not a secret Heathers stan and that Lili did some, um, *convincing* to get him to sing on national television. And thank god she did, because Cole is blessed with more than just good looks, brains, and a permanent dark cloud raining over his head. He’s also a solid singer.

In a roundtable for W, Lili revealed that Cole’s voice was a “wonderful surprise” to her, too.

“I really enjoyed the song that I sing with Cole [Sprouse] in the episode called “Seventeen,” it’s one of my favorite songs,” Lili revealed. “I almost cried because I wasn’t expecting that from him.”

Casey used that interview as an opportunity to advocate for musical episode #3 to be Les Miserables or a Rodgers And Hammerstein classic. I, for one, can’t wait to hear Cole sing Oklahoma!. “The Surrey With The Fringe On Top,” anyone?