Lili Reinhart Comments On Riverdale’s Incesty Bughead Storyline

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The cast of Riverdale appeared at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend to give fans an inside scoop on what we can expect from season four of The CW show, which will air later this year. Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Madelaine Petsch, and Camila Mendes were among the cast members who participated in numerous panels across the weekend, but one interview, in particular, saw Lili address the incest-y Bughead storyline that’s to come next season — her character Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, played by Cole, are a little too connected by family.

The fourth season of the show will see the on and off-screen couple dealing with the fact that they share a half brother, who is the eldest son of Alice Cooper and FP Jones. Even though it doesn’t mean Betty and Jughead are blood-related, fans have been curious about how the characters will deal with the fact that they’re kind of family.

In an interview with ExtraTV, Lili commented on the storyline. “We’re not actually related by blood, there’s no blood relation so it’s probably alright. There’s not going to be some weird …” she said before trailing off. In the clip, we also hear Cole joke about the storyline, saying that they are “definitely going to fetishize it.”

Sprousehart fans will be happy with the number of appearances made by the couple over the weekend, with another clip having surfaced which shows Lili and Cole discussing last season’s musical number “Seventeen.” In the clip, which was posted by Hollywood News Source, Cole can be seen saying that his favorite scene with Lili was when they performed “Seventeen” together in the musical episode. Lili then showers her BF with compliments, saying that he’s “so good at singing.”

If you haven’t gotten your fix of Sprousehart PDA from this weekend, please enjoy this Instagram post below.

We love a good Bughead moment.

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