Lili Reinhart’s Instagram Story Prompts Fan Theory About Riverdale Season Four

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Lili Reinhart, whatcha up to? As fans are flocking to theaters to see her newest project, Hustlers, she’s back in Vancouver with boyfriend Cole Sprouse filming Riverdale. Her recent Instagram Story has fans speculating about what’s next for Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones on Riverdale season four.

After encouraging followers to register to vote (seriously, do it), she posted a pic from a recording booth showing a microphone, headphones, and a sheet of paper. Now, fans think that Betty is going to takeover Jughead’s role as “narrator” in the upcoming season. As we know, Jughead’s going to prep school — meaning he’ll only be in Riverdale on the weekends. Cole said it probably wouldn’t mean he’ll spend less time on-screen with Betty, Veronica Lodge, and Archie Andrews, but since Betty will be more entwined with the Riverdale-centered plotlines, she might need to take the reigns of the narrative. Lili becoming the narrator does seem to support the other fan theory that Cole Sprouse will be leaving Riverdale at the end of this season. Like those Sprousehart breakup rumors, we hope that speculation is completely fake. I mean, how could Riverdale continue without #Bughead? It just doesn’t make sense.

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It’s possible this is not about Riverdale at all and is instead for another project. After all, Lili wrote “This is very exciting,” and is narrating the fourth season really THAT exciting for Lili? Possibly not. New music? A voice acting role in an animated film? All possibilities. She must be doing it from Vancouver, though, because she was having a horror movie night with costar Madelaine Petsch last night. We’ll just have to watch Lili closely on social media and wait to find out what this voice recording is for.

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