Lili Reinhart Seems To Accidentally Post Major Riverdale Spoiler On IG Story

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lili reinhart posts riverdale spoiler season 4 jughead

Instagram / Lili Reinhart

Okay, so, if you read the title then you know. But, beware: *spoilers ahead.* The real-life Betty Cooper, AKA Lili Reinhart may have accidentally posted a huge Riverdale season four spoiler on her Instagram Stories.

While posting goofy videos with KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, and Cole Sprouse from behind the scenes of The CW show, she posted a video of boyfriend, Cole, with a crazy eyebrows filter. Cole’s in his Jughead garb, complete with his iconic beanie. And the actor appears to have stitches on the left side of his forehead.

For those who are up-to-date on Riverdale season four, the quote-unquote “murder” of Jughead has been looming in a big way. Archie, Betty, and V are picked in a lineup for the death and we see Betty apparently bash Jughead’s head in with a rock. So, clearly, the kid’s not dead… but his head was injured in the rock incident.

The core four are back in Pop’s Chock’Lit shoppe hanging out with milkshakes, so at least some order will be restored in Riverdale before the season ends in May. We just like to see Varchie and Bughead on double-dates, what’s so wrong with that?! Hopefully we aren’t going to see anymore romantic shake-ups this season.

4×14 & Lili Reinhart Instagram Stories (1/23/20): MAJOR Jughead SPOILER! from r/riverdale

As we quickly approach the end of the season, there are a whole host of questions we have about what the heck really happened with Jughead this season and why the guidance counselor, who’s been there the whole time apparently, only now is starting to care that the kids of Riverdale High are all sorts of f*cked up. But for those who are waiting until the whole season four is on Netflix, there’s good news! Riverdale season four will appear on Netflix in the end of May.

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