Lili Reinhart Reveals Upcoming Riverdale Episode Gave Her Anxiety

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The CW

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is back on Twitter and back to dropping some serious truth bombs. We love when Lili gets real about sexuality and her struggles with mental health, and we also love when she gives us behind-the-scenes secrets about The CW show. It seems she’s put the two together and revealed that an upcoming episode of Riverdale gave her anxiety as she was forced to confrom her “worst nightmare.”

Last year’s Riverdale musical episode was such a hit when it riffed on Carrie: The Musical that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the rest of the Riverdale team decided another musical ep was in the future — this time, it’s Heathers: The Musical. Lili’s character Betty Cooper is playing one of the Heathers (so is Camila Mendes‘s Veronica Lodge) and Lili says she’s “being forced to dance” for the role.

Lili has been super open about the fact that she struggles with severe anxiety, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t take this tweet seriously. However, sometimes facing your fears, especially in a safe space with all your friends and your love, is the perfect place to do it. Plus, all the Riverdale fans will be sure to show her major love when the episode comes out. We’re here for you, Lili!

This musical episode is set to air on March 20. Roberto said that “everyone” is singing this time around — which could mean Cole Sprouse has reconsidered his “no singing” policy. Last year, he opted not to sing for the Carrie: The Musical episode, saying that if Disney Channel couldn’t make him sing, there was no way The CW could. I guess we’ll see when March 20 rolls around!

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