Lili Reinhart Teases Chilling Adventures Betty Cooper Cameo

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If the Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover is going to happen, can’t it just happen already?! Essentially every actor in either show has teased it as a possibility (except Ashleigh Murray, who once said that “Sabrina is a very different world”), and still, we’re about to start CAOS season three and a crossover doesn’t appear to have been filmed. Until now… maybe.

We get it, the two shows are on different networks (RD on The CW, CAOS on Netflix), but with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa at the helm of both spooky shows, we think if anyone can pull it off, it’s that guy.

Now, Lili Reinhart is teasing the crossover again — writing “Chilling Adventures of Betty” on her Instagram Story while wearing a gray wig that only a teen witch could pull off.

Roberto has said previously that he’s been putting easter eggs referencing the other show in every season of Chilling Adventures and Riverdale, making the two shows ripe for crossover. Some (non-essential) characters have even been spotted on both! Why else would Lili’s character Betty Cooper be wearing such a wig? We’ve got to assume she’s crossing Sweetwater River and heading into Greendale.

Lili Reinhart almost wasn’t Betty Cooper. In fact, Sabrina Spellman actress Kiernan Shipka nearly played the character! Can you imagine? Maybe there won’t be an official “crossover” episode but a “what could have been?”. We could see Kiernan hooking up with Jughead Jones and investigating crimes like Betty Cooper while Lili gets to chant spells and take down Lucifer in CAOS. We would watch it, just sayin’…

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