Love Is Blind Star Barnett Says He Hasn’t Talked To Jessica Since Filming Wrapped

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Jessica and Barnett haven't talked Since Love Is Blind filming


We can’t be the only ones who have noticed Jessica appears to be missing from *a lot* of those Love Is Blind cast reunions that have happened in Atlanta since the show wrapped filming in the end of 2018. Even before the show became the smash hit it is today, the cast had been seen celebrating the “experiment” they’d participated in.

Like this one for the Love is Blind premiere:

But one of the juiciest pieces of drama on the series was the love triangle between Barnett, Amber, and Jessica. As a refresher: Barnett had connections with Jessica and Amber (and LC) while everyone was “dating” in the pods, up to the point where Barnett told Jess that if no one else was in the experiment, he’d pick her. But ultimately, he decided he wanted a life with Amber, and Jessica said “yes” to a proposal from a guy named Mark. But as she struggled to “physically connect” with Mark, Jessica seemed to be pining over Barnett despite his engagement with Amber and even though he seemed truly set in his decision to marry the woman he’d proposed to.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight via video chat, Barnett and Amber spilled the tea on finding out what Jessica was saying during her confessionals about Barnett and he revealed that he hadn’t even spoken to her since they stopped filming over a year ago.

“LC and I were both really honest with each other and supportive that we both had feelings for Barnett at the time. Because we respected each other, we kept our distance and we didn’t want to hear about each other’s dates; we didn’t want to hurt each other’s feelings,” Amber said. “So to see that Jessica was coming at it from left field, playing it as shady as she was, I was offended that she disrespected me in that way when I thought that we had a rapport. I thought that we were at least some type of friends. Like, I had no idea. I thought maybe she had a crush on him.”

“When we were filming, I didn’t know that we had any issues basically. I think we were kind of in our own little world, me and Amber were, and so I don’t think we were focused on the other people’s relationships that much. I know that Amber had talked to Mark a couple of times and I know that I had a couple of conversations with Jessica, obviously, as you say. But I never thought of it as anything other than a friendly conversation like we were friends. We did have a pretty strong friendship at the start of it in the pods,” Barnett said. “I don’t know necessarily if [Jessica] deserved all of the flack [she got online] or anything like that. But I haven’t really talked to her since the show ended, or since filming ended, so I don’t know.”

For Amber’s part, she says she had “no idea” that Jessica was “throwing herself” at Amber’s fiance. Ooh, that’s tea.


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