Mädchen Amick Shares Spooky Behind-the-Scenes Photo From Future Riverdale Episode

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Love it or hate it, you’ve gotta admit that Twitter often provides some great sneak peeks from behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and movies. And we’ve gotta say, one of the shows that gives us the most information on social media is definitely The CW’s Riverdale. Remember when showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased #Choni season three? What about when Mädchen Amick revealed some interesting tidbits about that ~steamy~ Falice scene from earlier on this season? Well, Mädchen’s at it again — this time showing a spooky photo of “The Farm” members dressed in all white. And while the farm itself is creepy enough, can we talk about that huge metal bucket filled with water? We have a feeling something unsavory is going on…

The former Witches Of East End actress promised that we “are NOT ready” using a hashtag. While some fans exclaimed they were SO excited for the episode in the comments, others lamented they wanted the old, “sassy” Alice back. It’s true, this season of Riverdale has given us a whole new view of the Cooper family since last season’s jaw-dropping twist showed that the Black Hood serial killer was none other than Alice Cooper’s ex(ish) husband and Polly and Betty Cooper’s dad.

This upcoming mid-season finale promises to be just as shocking as all the other ones have been. (Do you remember last year’s fake Black Hood reveal? Uhh… we do!) We already know that Jughead Jones’s mom and sister, Jellybean, will make appearances, the Gargoyle King will show up again, and Cheryl and Toni will share one of their cutest moments yet. The new episode airs this Wednesday, December 12, and it’s truly the Christmas gift we do NOT deserve. (We’ll take it, though!)

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