Say It Ain’t So! Mädchen Amick Teases Falice Complications On Riverdale

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Mädchen Amick Teased Falice Complications feature

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In an interview with Hollywood Life, Mädchen Amick teased troubles ahead for our favorite Riverdale couple. F.P. Jones and Alice Cooper are the Riverdale OTP, but we haven’t seen much of the on-again, off-again couple since season three returned from its winter hiatus.

Mädchen attributed the couple’s criminal lack of screentime to the characters having to sneak around behind everyone’s backs to keep their relationship a secret, but viewers are going to get more Falice in their lives now that FP’s estranged wife has returned.

“It’s definitely thrown a wrench into sort of seeing the two ships [FP and Alice] come together in the night,” Mädchen said of Gladys’s reappearance. “Now there’s something in their way again, so you’ll see more Alice and FP, but there’s going to be some complications to get there.”

It’s going to be rough seeing Alice and FP hit a rough patch (haven’t they been through enough already?), but Mädchen had some words of reassurance for concerned fans.

“[Alice and FP are] soulmates for sure. They just both have such complicated lives, and they’re both very headstrong. It’s just so complicated. It’s fun to watch — their really messy road back to each other eventually.”

Hopefully Mädchen is right about our fave PILFs (Parents We’d Like To F*ck), especially after some steamy Falice scenes were left on the cutting room floor last fall.

Always a beacon of positivity, Mädchen’s plea for patience over Twitter in response to the cut scenes is just as relevant now as we wait for FP and Alice to get back to the honeymoon phase.

Mädchen hinted at bigger storylines across the board for her character now that Alice has returned to her journalistic roots.

“I just love the opportunity that Alice just with her job can now start to get even deeper and see what’s really going on, what’s going on with Hiram, and she’s going to do some reporting and some good propaganda for The Farm,” Mädchen said, referencing her cult, The Farm, which we’ll hopefully see more of later this season. The mystery of The Farm has only grown since it was first introduced at the end of season two, but Riverdale has yet to delve deeper into its mysterious members.

Looking into the near-future, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa announced that everyone will be singing in the show’s upcoming Heathers musical episode. We’re excited to see Mädchen and certified hottie Skeet Ulrich belt out a tune (hopefully together?), but Roberto may have been exaggerating a tad since the odds of Cole Sprouse ever agreeing to sing on camera are slim to none. And seriously, can someone tell us how Skeet is nearing fifty and still the hottest man on this show? If it turns out that he can sing, well, we should all just give up.

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