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Mädchen Amick Teases Witches Of East End Movie

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For some of us, Mädchen Amick is Alice Cooper from Riverdale – the complicated Cooper matriarch with a mysterious serpent past with FP Jones. Others of us got aquainted with Mädchen back during her ’90s Twin Peaks days. Then there are those of us who fell in love with the actress in 2013 and 2014 while she was playing Wendy Beauchamp on Witches of East End, a supernatural drama on Lifetime that got canceled after only two seasons but gained a faithful fanbase during that time.

With reboot season upon us, it’s pretty unlikely that Witches Of East End could come back as a full series revival – Mädchen’s busy canoodling with Skeet Ulrich and helicopter parenting Lili Reinhart‘s Betty Cooper. Jenna Dewan has her daughter to look after, a recurring role on The Resident and two movies in the pipeline. Julia Ormond is prepping to star on a miniseries called Gold Digger in 2019. Rachel Boston might not be too busy with future projects, but she and Mädchen were recently posting together – perhaps that’s when they realized that Witches Of East End needed more.

Though a full series might not be on the table – Mädchen just let it spill that there could be a movie still to come in the Witches Of East End universe. After wishing her followers a happy Hallows eve with an old trailer for her 2013 show and reminiscing on “how much we enjoyed filmin this sweet lil magical show 2gether,” Mad sent fans into a frenzy with her follow-up tweet:

She then encouraged a fan to “revise” her former petition to have the show make a comeback. So we can definitely confirm that Mädchen will be leading this fight for the Beauchamps to return to our lives. The show was based on a novel by Melissa de la Cruz, though the show itself took a few creative liberties when it came to bringing the show to the screen. Even so, the series was beloved by many and boasted a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Lifetime, what the heck are you waiting for? A TV movie is clearly the right move.

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