Madelaine Petsch Is Still Salty That Vanessa Morgan Ships Toni And Veronica On Riverdale

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The CW

Riverdale fans know that Toni Topaz and Cheryl Blossom are destined to be together… because duh. But it looks like Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni, wants her character to play the feild a lil’ more, and Madelaine Petsch is pretty salty about it. Vanessa, who plays Toni in the hit CW show, says that she thinks the southside chick would date Veronica Lodge if Cheryl wasn’t in the picture, and she’s not the only one who ships the pairing. There are multiple Tumblr pages and fanfictions shipping the two characters, and Twitter users are also invested in the possibility of the gals getting together. But what about Choni?!

Vanessa herself has said she’d like for Toni and Veronica to hook up — the first time was in this Riverdale behind the scenes clip from February when Madelaine asked which couple Vanessa wants to see that doesn’t exist yet. Madelaine was *shook* by her answer and called on all Choni fans to kill Vanessa… which was a joke, obviously. It’s still pretty hilarious though.

Vanessa reignited the Toni and Veronica fire last weekend at the Rivercon convention in Paris when a fan asked her if Toni had to date one other character on the show, who it would be… you can assume who she said! Madelaine then pretended to storm off the stage in anger and sat on a different couch. Watch the clip at 4:30 in Madelaine’s new vlog below.

Riverdale fans think Madelaine’s jealous streak is hilarious, and also that Vanessa is just shipping Toni and Veronica to tease Madelaine. It’s definitely working!

Don’t worry, Choni stans, we can’t see Toni and Veronica getting together any time soon — despite Vanessa’s wishes!

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