Madelaine Petsch Reveals There’s Trouble Ahead For Choni On Riverdale Season 4

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The CW

Forget Bughead and Varchie, Choni is the real couple everyone is rooting for on Riverdale, and at the end of last season, everything looked like it was going swimmingly for the pair. Well, at least that’s what we thought. Obviously, things don’t stay peaceful in Riverdale for very long, and Madelaine Petsch just revealed she thinks there’s trouble on the horizon for Cheryl and Toni. Say it ain’t so!

Madelaine, who plays Cheryl Blossom on the hit CW show, told Cosmopolitan that season four won’t be plain sailing for the pair. “There may be some trouble in the waters,” she said. “I mean, Cheryl’s keeping her brother’s dead body in her basement, which is, like, a fairly large secret. If and when Toni finds that out, it might cause some difficulty.”

Ah yes, unknown dead bodies do tend to cause tension between lovers. “It’s a very sensitive topic,” she continued. “Can you imagine being like, ‘Hey, you need to bury your brother, he probably smells and I have questions about how he hasn’t decomposed yet.’”

The CW

Don’t worry though, Choni stans. Madelaine said she has high hopes that these two will overcome any challenges thrown at them. She told the mag that the couple will rock a super cute couple costume on the Halloween episode of the show, and also revealed what she thinks her character will get up to after senior year.

“I can see Cheryl being a fantastic lawyer,” Madelaine said. “I’m not sure what else she would do. I feel like that kind of seems like the right direction. Or she might take over the family business, which, who actually knows what they do. Like, are they a maple farm? Are they drug dealers? Who knows? She’ll take it over and figure it out.”

Season five of Riverdale hasn’t been confirmed by the network yet, but Madelaine said she’s not ready for the show to end anytime soon. “I love my cast, I love my character. Why would I want it to end anytime soon?” Same Mads, same.

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