Mike Johnson May Have Just Hinted That He’s the Next ‘Bachelor’

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Are you trying to tell us something, Mike Johnson?

The fan favorite from Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette might be hinting to fans that he could be the next Bachelor with his latest Instagram story.

In the post, Mike is seen working out in a white T-shirt and black shorts with “Overtime” by Big Sean playing in the background. The hunky model conveniently points out the lyrics of the song, which read, “No facade, I belong in the Palace of Versailles with a queen by my side. In this hot girl summer, I’m just trying to find a wife.”


He’s just trying to find a wife, eh? We hear you loud and clear, Mike.

Though ABC hasn’t confirmed the 31-year-old — or anyone, for that matter — as the lead just yet, host Chris Harrison certainly appears to be on #TeamMike.

“I love him. The smile, the charm, the sincerity, the maturity,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s a great man and I feel like he’s a dear friend of mine already, so he’s a great candidate and he’s definitely going to be in the mix.”

And he’s not the only one. Fans have been swarming social media pleading with ABC to make Mike the next lead.

Though that’s not to say that other contestants aren’t also in the running. Two of the finalists from this season — Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron — happen to be fan favorites in Bachelor Nation as well, and Harrison is not ruling them out as options.

“We don’t know how this is gonna shake out,” the host told Us Weekly. “So I want to see the After the Final Rose. We have two nights of live TV where those guys are gonna be front and center. We’ll see the sentiment ad how Bachelor Nation feels.”

If Mike were to be the chosen one, however, it would make history. Rachel Lindsay was named the first black woman Bachelorette in 2017, but there has never been a Bachelor of color… something that Johnson says is fairly overdue — and we agree!

“[It’s] 100 percent time to have a black Bachelor,” he told THR. “I’m super grateful that it’s even in the conversation, but most importantly, I would want to have a conversation about the contestants being there for the right reasons. That’s something that I hold near and dear to my heart.”

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