Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: She’s Ba-ack

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nancy drew episode 10

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That’s right: we’re back, y’all! Nancy Drew episode 10 has arrived after a month-long hiatus, and we do not remember what’s going on. Off the top of our heads, we’re pretty sure there’s a demon now, Nancy and Nick have broken up, Owen is 24, and Nancy’s dad got arrested. What could possibly go wrong? Hopefully, Nancy‘s mid-season premiere is the moment our protagonists begin to move the story along at a slightly quicker pace (what does The CW think this is, Broadchurch?) because we have the same number of questions now as we did during episode one. And now that Nancy Drew has officially been renewed for season two, the writers have even more time to scare the living daylights out of us.


nick bess and owen

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Carson has been in jail for two weeks, and he’s refusing to clear his name. Nancy’s response is to ignore his calls because she doesn’t deserve his love and to focus all of her energy on capturing Dead Lucy’s ghost. Seems like a better way to apologize would be to actually respond to Carson’s messages, but I don’t have a dad, so what do I know?

It’s Ace’s first day back at work since his accident, and the Claw is filled with customers. Unfortunately, they’re not there to see Ace’s luscious locks in the flesh: Nancy has become a hometown hero after the police used her diary to put Carson behind bars. While dealing with the Claw’s newfound lunch rush, Nancy’s coroner BFF FaceTimes her with a new lead. A virtually untraceable poison was Tiffany’s cause of death, but Nancy is reticent to return to her sleuthing ways. A quick Google search links the poison to another decade-old death in the area, which happens to be connected to Ace’s cop father, The Captain. The death was ruled a suicide, but The Captain never believed it. He received cipher emails connected to the suicide for months, and Nancy is determined to crack their code. So much for keeping her nose out of other people’s business. Nancy realizes the cipher wasn’t the message, it was the sh*tty quality of the photos attached to it. We would’ve assumed the pictures were sh*tty because it was 2003, but this is why Nancy is the Hero of Horseshoe Bay. These photos prove the old case was a murder, and Nancy tries to bate the serial killer by offering herself up as his next victim online.

It totally works. Kind of. The killer sends Nancy a new cipher, and it reveals that he (or she!) will be killing a *different* woman in the next three hours if Nancy doesn’t catch him. She correctly deduces the victim’s identity, but when Nancy involves the police (without even trying to be stealthy about it), the killer kidnaps his victim, Claire, and sends Nancy on a chase. The Drew Crew insists on helping catch the killer because they are supportive and adorable, and they follow Nancy to an abandoned high school, where there are only twenty minutes left to save Claire. Nancy finds Claire easily and walks into an obvious trap, complete with poison gas. While Nick and George search for the source of the poison, Ace asks his father for help.

Nick and George find the killer’s hideout, an active Bunsen burner, and tapes that make it evidently clear that Claire is actually the killer. Well, I guess if you’re going to do Saw, you might as well do it right. Nancy figures out that Claire was *a* killer, but it turns out she’s not the killer we’ve been looking for. She just killed some mean kids from high school and called it a day. The Drew Crew gets Nancy out of the basement, but her spirit stays behind while Nick tries to resuscitate her. Nancy conveniently stole Claire’s ring, which houses the antidote, but before she yeets back into her body, Nancy sees Lucy Sable in front of the white light.

In an unfinished B-plot, Bess is officially a Marvin, which means we’re officially thirsting after Bess’s first cousin. Hey, Owen, we’re 23 and appropriate to date. Give us a call? With their newfound familial ties, the Marvin Cousins link up with Nick and Ryan Hudson to find a new artifact to replace the coins Nick melted during some seance. There have been so many, who can keep track? These artifacts are the only things that can prove the Hudson family sunk the Bonnie Scott to murder a Marvin (try saying that three times fast) and cash in on the boat’s insurance, and this ragtag team each has their own reason to take the Hudsons down.

LOL, remember when George was banging Ryan Hudson? Yeah, we forgot too. George is still pretty P.O.’d, but Ryan’s back from rehab a “changed man.” Scott Disick stopped punching mirrors, and Ryan’s going to stop punching bookcases. He’s so changed that he agrees to help the Marvins for the low low price of one giant hotel but double-crosses them in his own self-interest. What going to happen next? Ten episodes of nothing, probably.


But it was a good one! And, TBH, next episode’s trailer got us good.


This episode had “Love Triangle” written all over it.

Nancy Drew Episode 10 Recap: HOW WE FEEL

nancy drew episode 10

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Nancy Drew episode 10 aired at the same time as 2020’s first primary debate, which begs the question, what’s scarier: Dead Lucy or an ideologically split Democratic party? It’s a sad sign of the times when a second rate copy of Samara from The Ring is more comforting than the state of national politics. Speaking of horror movies, Nancy Drew episode 10 was clearly takings some cues from Saw I. My actual notes were, “This looks like Saw” followed by “Oh, yeah. It’s just Saw.” I’m not a TV writer (yet — hey, Nancy Drew, hire me?), but stealing your big plot twist from one of the most well-known horror films in history seems like a great way to sabotage your shock factor. What’s next, we learn that Dead Lucy was actually killed by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt during a summer hit-and-run? Should we just be looking for some dude with a hook for a hand?

Predictable plot twist aside, Nancy Drew episode 10 really cemented the Drew Crew as BFFs (and loyal ones, at that!) which does feel like narrative progress, even if we’re no closer to catching Lucy and Tiffany’s killers. And this Story of the Week was way more compelling than most from Nancy Drew’s first episodes, which is promising for the remainder of the season. They also managed to sneak in some ~diversity~ without tip-toeing into offensive and/or appropriative territory, so gold stars all around for the mid-season premiere. The Captain is deaf, and Nancy Drew episode 10 incorporated ASL into its narrative in a way we would *love* to see more television shows emulate. Anne With an E introduced a deaf character and immediately got canceled, and TBH, we’re still mad about it.

This week’s B-plot about the Marvins was clearly just exposition setting up future episodes, but there’s a lot of weird stuff going on there. If Bess is no longer trying to hide her reason for being in Horseshoe Bay and all of her friends already know she’s British, why is she still speaking with an American accent? Maddison Jaizani is *actually British*. That is her *real accent*. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just let her speak normally? Also, Ryan gets bribed with a hotel to help Owen on his quest for justice, Nick gets let off the hook for destroying a million-dollar artifact, and Bess gets… what? A family history of diabetes? A new aunt that doesn’t give a sh*t about her? It doesn’t seem super fair. Plus, we’re waiting for some Big Reveal that Bess isn’t really a Marvin and Owen is just trying to manipulate her into helping him take down the Hudsons. Every other plot twist thus far has been pretty easily predicted, and this is the next obvious place to go. We’ll see! We’re in this for the long haul, baby.


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