Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 11 Recap: Donate to Amnesty International

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nancy drew episode 11

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On Nancy Drew episode 11, Bess finally meets the Marvins. The real question is, will she keep doing that fake American accent? As Nancy inches (centimeters, really) towards its big reveal, fans were given some George and Nick (Gnick? Neorge?) chemistry, Drewvin moments, and we can have a little Ace, too, as a treat. (Just kidding, Ace isn’t in this episode at all! What gives?!)


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Oh! Oh? Oh. Nancy Drew episode 11 took no prisoners, starting with a sexy love triangle daydream where Owen takes off Nancy’s clothes, then Nick puts them back on and offers her emotional support. No need to explain what’s going on there.

Nancy visits her father in jail, finally, and he’s just happy to see her. We’re assuming his happiness was short-lived when Nancy pivots from apologizing for putting him in jail to bullying him into joining her wild goose chase for Lucy Sable’s killer. Nancy stops by the elder Hudson’s office to ask him for help freeing her father, and Mr. Hudson Sr. Sr. implies that he’ll only step in if Nancy gets Owen to stop looking into the sinking of the Bonnie Scott. This effectively puts Nancy in bed with the same corrupt family who got her father into this mess, but she doesn’t seem too bothered. If there’s any question as to whether Mr. Hudson is as suspect as his son, Dead Lucy shows up in his office and makes his family photo bleed. That can’t be good.

Conveniently, this mission allows Nancy stalk her crush, Owen, with impunity in spite of him ignoring her calls. It’s not because of another woman in his life — he’s chasing the sole survivor of the Bonnie Scott, an undocumented Somali refugee named Bashiir. Bess and Nancy join Owen as he interviews the man, who recounts the explosion that took down the boat and explains that he can’t go to the police because of his immigration status.

George learns The Claw is being put up for sale. Uh, duh. No one’s ever in there. But it’s the only place willing to employ George (which is insane because she’s the hardest worker on television), and she needs it to stay afloat. George asks Ryan for $40,000 to put The Claw in The Black, but his familial rift has tightened his purse strings. George’s ties to the Claw go way back, from childhood family struggles and to adolescent bread-winning, so Nick convinces her to throw a giant party to raise the money. Now that’s the CW we know and love. Nancy totally c*ckblocks them during party prep to ask Nick if she’s a good person, then steals him away for her own sh*t, leaving George to fend for herself. Some questions really just answer themselves. The party is a success anyway, but even George’s plan to make this a weekly event can’t save the Claw. There’s already a buyer, and the current owner isn’t wasting any time. Lucky for George, the buyer is Nick, who cashed in the bonds Tiffany left him to secure the restaurant for him and George.

Nick and Nancy realize that Bashiir is being haunted and arrive at his apartment just in time to see him relive the Bonnie Scott’s sinking. It’s been following him ever since Nancy’s seance, and he blames himself for not being able to save his fellow crewmembers. He kept bomb fragments from the wreck as evidence, and now Nancy needs to decide whether to tell Owen about this smoking gun or uphold her deal with Mr. Hudson. Ryan tells Nancy his father’s word is good but asks her why she would be Mr. Hudson’s choice of spy when he has so many other spooks on his payroll.

Bess was invited to lunch with the Marvin matriarch, and she’s freaking out. Also, for the record, she’s still not British. Bess says the accent doesn’t match the future she’s manifesting for herself. She turns to her girlfriend, Lisbeth, for comfort and tells her about everything: her trailer, her klepto tendencies, her English past. Not only does our favorite OTP have a stellar heart-to-heart, but Lisbeth convinces Bess to go back to her natural British twang. God save the Queen! As royals are wont to do, Mama Marvin goes straight to political power plays and offers to set Bess up with an influential girl from another wealthy family, then implies that no Marvin could marry a driver. Remember, they still think Lisbeth is just the help. Bess is summoned to family dinner at the Marvin mansion shack house mansion to seal the deal, and for some reason, the Hudsons are there, too. Nancy crashes the party, and literally everyone is confused. She immediately reveals that Owen found a Bonnie Scott survivor in front of the entire family, as is her way. She uses the information to leverage Mr. Hudson into transferring money into Basheer’s account to disappear, or so we thought. Nancy really used the opportunity to get Mr. Hudson arrested for the ship’s sinking (and bribery!) with the help of driver/cop Lisbeth. In the commotion, Nancy follows Dead Lucy’s watermarks to find Lucy’s high school counseling file hidden in Mr. Hudson’s family portrait, which had been missing from Nancy’s mother’s files. We learned earlier that Nancy’s mom was Lucy’s guidance counselor, but we couldn’t find a natural place to fit it into the recap until now. Surprise!

As an added bonus, Bashiir isn’t being haunted anymore. Owen was in on the scheme *and* is financing Basheer’s immigration lawyers and relocation expenses. Damn, if we were Nancy, we’d have kissed him, too. He asks her out and she says… no? Girl, why? She tells him it’s not about Nick, but it’s definitely at least kind of about Nick. Leave Nick and George alone!

Carson finally agrees to help Nancy clear his name, while Mrs. Hudson remotely puts a price on his head. More importantly, Lucy’s file reveals her mother might have been a key player in her death.



Nancy trying to surreptitiously tail someone in a bright blue sportscar.

Nancy Drew Episode 11 Recap: HOW WE FEEL

nancy drew episode 11

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We’ve questioned some of Nancy Drew’s attempts at inclusivity in the past because we didn’t expect a CW television series to have the nuance to deal with sensitive topics. No offense, but The CW is better known for vampire love triangles and hastily choreographed flashmobs (that’s why we love it!). Now, it’s clear that Nancy‘s team does their research. They’ve included ASL without subtitles, talked to Native Americans about their traditions, and interviewed actual refugees to create their Somali character, Bashiir. Amnesty International even gave Nancy Drew a shoutout for its efforts, a ringing endorsement that means much more than mine. In addition to carefully introducing Bashiir, the Drew writers gave Bess and Lisbeth a loving sex scene that’s as explicit as anything else we’ve seen on the show. Which is to say, not super explicit, but it’s still a big W for onscreen diversity.

The couples on Nancy Drew are shaping up nicely, with George and Nick, Bess and Lisbeth, and Nancy and Owen looking like season one endgame. There’s enough wiggle room for drama, but it was Nancy Drew episode 11 that finally got us emotionally invested in their well-being outside of the mystery. When Lisbeth convinced Bess to finally use her real accent, it was all over for us. Although, TBH, even though we haven’t shut up about it in weeks, that sh*t still sounds fake to us. Speaking of sexy couples, there’s no world in which Owen is 24. We know that the age difference between him and Nancy is already a stretch, but have you seen a 24-year-old boy lately? All the money in the world couldn’t buy them sophisticated grooming habits like Owen’s — that stubble takes at least three decades to perfect.


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