Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 14 Recap: Solving Murders (No, Seriously!)

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nancy drew episode 14

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Nancy Drew is back from its two-week hiatus, and nothing has changed. Watch out, Riverdale: Looks like Horseshoe Bay is the new murder capital of the world. Nancy and the gang finally investigate the two murders we’ve been hearing about all season, and one is actually solved. We never thought this day would come!



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Nancy Drew episode 14 begins with a casual conversation between Bess and Nancy recapping what we know so far because even the writers understand that two weeks without a new episode was too damn long. But you can just re-read our last thirteen recaps if you need a refresher, right? Moving on: Dead Lucy’s mother, Alive Patrice, escapes from her assisted living facility and breaks into the Claw for her work shift because she thinks it’s 1993. Ace’s girlfriend Laura also reappears, newly crunchy and ready to receive the universe’s love. Oh, and to collect Tiffany’s inheritance. She wants Ace to move with her to Paris because he’s hot and happens to speak French, but he seems unconvinced. It’s not like he has anything going on in Horseshoe Bay, but whatever.

Nick is out of a job and a home: Josh Sable needs to sell the garage to pay for Alive Patrice’s round-the-clock care. Maybe Nick can sleep next to the Claw fryer now. Nancy, meanwhile, turns the Claw (Nick’s new home) into an investigative war room. There’s only two days until her father’s trial, and she needs to find the real killer before her father takes the fall. Dead Lucy spookily confirms that her death is connected to Tiffany’s, so Nancy, Ace, and Laura head out to look for clues. Police evidence reveals Tiffany’s whereabouts during her last day, likely being tracked by the Hudsons as she performed her own investigation into Lucy’s death and leaving her phone in her car to keep them off her trail. The next stop is Horseshoe Bay’s library, where Ace’s mom works and he has weird beef with the front desk lady over a hacking competition. She still helps them look over footage of Tiffany visiting the library to use the computers without being seen. She was looking at an email train of love letters between Lucy and Ryan that ends in Ryan calling her a wh*re. Ah, young love. Lucy asks Ryan to meet her the night of her death, asking for his forgiveness for whatever it is she did. This makes Ryan the number one suspect in Lucy *and* Tiffany’s murders.

Laura tricks Ryan into an ambush at the Claw (feat. Detective Karen, so his confession will hold up in court), where Nancy proposes they recreate the night of Tiffany’s murder. Ryan reveals he chose the Claw that night because he was putting together a merger with an absentee Owen Marvin behind his parents’ backs. In the chaos of the Claw getting more than one customer at a time, which they were naturally unprepared for, Ryan and Tiffany’s food was left unattended, making it the obvious murder weapon. A snafu with salad dressing and some light emotional trauma led Ryan to send his salad back, where Ace mistook it for Tiffany’s order. Tiffany was never the intended victim… Ryan was. Oh, how the tables have turned. Nancy confronts Ryan with the video of Tiffany’s death and Lucy’s spectral reappearance, trying to explain that he’s a target now because he was an aggressor then. Nancy is able to locate Lucy using her cell phone camera, where she’s shown how the killer was able to hear Ryan’s order. Nancy confronts Ryan about killing Lucy Sable, but he denies killing Lucy or writing the damning emails, fleeing when Lucy reveals herself to him behind Nancy.

Bess can’t tell if Amaya wants to be mentors or more than mentors, which is making her super uncomfortable on account of her super-serious girlfriend. Accidentally sending Amaya a text meant for Lis doesn’t help matters, but George is weirdly affected by the whole thing. George thinks she’s having PTSD from her relationship with Ryan, but Bess rightfully intuits that it’s Nick who George has feelings for. Bess encourages George to go for it because Nick is actually single. Tying up loose ends, Ace tells Laura he can’t go to Paris because it feels like running away.

While her friends try to save The Claw’s outside tables from a flash flood, Nancy investigates a new clue unearthed by super-hacker Ace. She encounters Josh in his shop while she tries to access Lucy’s high school computer, but all of Lucy’s emails have already been redownloaded onto the server. Josh knew about Lucy’s love affair with Ryan all along, and he was the one following Tiffany the week of her death. When he saw Ryan enter the Claw that night, he saw an opportunity for revenge. He used his mother’s old hidden key for the Claw to let himself in, and then he poisoned Ryan’s salad. Josh confesses and a struggle ensues in which Josh is disgustingly electrocuted to death before he can hurt Nancy. Gross, but impressive. That’s one mystery solved. Just one to go. Nancy has one question left, which quickly becomes two. While wondering aloud how Josh got his hands on such a rare poison for this spontaneous crime, his body is stolen from the shop right under the police officers’ noses. Make that two crimes left to solve.



When Nancy used her iPhone to track a ghost because she’s just so ~tech savvy~ and ~hip with the kids~.

Nancy Drew Episode 14 Recap: HOW WE FEEL

nancy drew episode 14

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Nancy Drew episode 14 finally solved one of the OG murders, so now we’re going to need to find something else to complain about. Walking us through the pilot with the benefit of hindsight was a great way to prove that the Drew Crew writers actually put a lot of thought and planning into their major mysteries, which serves as both a humble brag and a beacon of hope for the rest of the season. The first major reveal was about as satisfying as we could’ve hoped for, with a believable villain who wasn’t too obvious that left an entire world of possibilities open for Mystery #2. His body disappearing was just the spooky icing on the spooky cake. Yes, I am gushing with praise because this episode was, in fact, it. I’m also very proud of Nancy (and the show) for having a basic understanding of how the law works, a refreshing change of pace from Veronica Lodge’s tenuous grasp on patent law on the past three episodes of Riverdale.

Anyway, raise your hand if you’re convinced Owen killed Lucy Sable. He was conspicuously absent from Ryan’s business meeting the night of Tiffany’s death, a detail that’s a little too specific to be thrown into the episode willy-nilly, and that’s enough to make him the most likely suspect in our book. I know the ages don’t really line up, but if he didn’t kill Lucy, he’s definitely framing Ryan to take the fall for her murder. Someone had to alter the email chain between Ryan and Lucy, since Ryan obviously didn’t write that last email accusing Lucy of being a wh*re, and Owen’s made it clear that the Hudsons are at the top of his sh*t list. Listen, Owen is too hot to be trusted. Speaking of hot, Ace is secretly fluent in French, listens to true crime podcasts, and spends all of his time at the library? Help, I’ve fallen (for Ace) and I can’t get up!

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