Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 15 Recap: Heeeere’s Herman!

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Nancy Drew episode 15

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Nancy Drew episode 15 makes a hard pivot back to supernatural sleuthing as the Drew Crew goes on the hunt for Dead Lucy’s bones. Unmasked murderer Josh Sable’s body is missing, Carson Drew’s hearing is imminent, and Nancy is coughing up human teeth for some reason — I hate it here. At least Owen has returned just in time for this year’s coolest snow day activity, dropping blood into the ocean.


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Welcome back to Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Body. The good news is that unlike every other mystery on this terrifying show, Nancy and Nick crack the case in record time with the help of a hidden camera. The bad news is that Josh Sable’s body got up and walked away. Into a closet. That he hid in, then walked right out of in all of the commotion. In case anyone was still wondering, the HBPD is officially the worst television police department since those dudes who didn’t catch Dexter. Carson asks Nancy to spend the day with him at their insanely fortified house both for her protection and because he could very well be transferred to an out-of-county prison to await trial if/when his first hearing doesn’t go in his favor. Instead, Nancy goes hunting for a miracle to save her dad.

We joked about Nick sleeping at the Claw, but he dead*ss slept at the Claw. He says it’s because the hotels are booked for Harbor Day, but we think he just has trouble with work/life balance. Harbor Day celebrates an urban legend in which you can ask the spirit that founded Horseshoe Bay for anything you wish, and it might give it to you but your eyes will start to bleed. Of course this spooky little Hellmouth was started because of demon interference, it just makes sense. This spirit has a name that is impossible to spell, so instead, I will call it Herman. Nancy stops by the police station to chat with Karen about new evidence that could exonerate her dad, Ace comes with her to ask his father why he’s volunteering for the Josh Sable manhunt, and Nick joins too because worrying about Nancy is apparently an aphrodisiac. Sorry, George. Nick is fluent in sign language (which is an aphrodisiac for us — Sorry again, Geroge) and can easily ask Ace’s dad for a look into Claire Barnett’s police file. Meanwhile, Karen tells Nancy she needs to disprove Ryan’s alibi herself, which is so annoying that Nancy starts spitting up teeth. Or that might be a demon thing. Nick’s looking into Claire’s poison and how it could have gotten to Josh, and he thinks it might have been stolen and/or borrowed from police evidence.

Worrying about Nancy is getting everybody hot and bothered, with Owen rushing home to check in on his underage love interest. He joins Nancy on her trip to meet Ryan’s prep school classmates because rich d*ck is his first language. His old roommate remembers Lucy as Ryan’s long-term girlfriend who dumped him out of the blue, and he snuck off campus to meet her in a stunt that landed a bunch of his friends in hot water. He also gave Lucy a campus email address for Ryan because he’s such a good guy (he sucks). Lucy messes with Nancy’s car and gives her the gift of a sh*t ton of bones only Nancy can see, leading Nancy to believe that Lucy wants her bones to be found. Lucy’s eyes were bleeding, so Bess and George deduct that Herman is the key to unearthing Lucy’s lost remains. The bones would also help free Carson, so it’s a win-win. Owen, Bess, and George head to the historical society to figure out how to call this particular spirit because he’s such a good guy (he is!) while Nancy meets Nick and Ace for a poison debrief. The trio breaks into the evidence room, but this does not go unnoticed by Karen. Why did she have to choose now to do actual detective work? Nancy realizes the original vial was swapped out for a decoy, and Karen’s the one who did it. Ace proves that Karen gave the poison to Josh by straight-up drinking the vial of ~water~, which is apparently also an aphrodisiac. That could have been poison! He’s so good. The HBPD, though, is not so good and leaves Nancy alone to interrogate Karen. Nancy gets her hands on another surveillance video confirming that Karen wanted Josh to kill Ryan, and Karen explains that she wanted to get justice for Lucy’s death. The Ryan-Is-Guilty coalition is strong, and after seeing Ryan preying on George, Karen couldn’t stand idly by and let history repeat himself. Well, she could have, but she didn’t. Bye, Karen!

Trio #2 learns that Herman requires a blood sacrifice and a six-person team at low tide if she’s going to help anybody. Needy much? The Drew Crew and Owen go to Riverdale a snowy lake and flick their blood into the ocean to call upon the spirit. Kids these days are so quirky! I miss the good old days when teens just smoked weed and watched cable in their parents’ basement. Oh, was that That 70s Show? Moving on, Herman delivers Lucy’s bones (and Ace is the only one with the good manners to say thank you!), but she claims Owen as her sacrifice. I believed that he would die about as much as I believed that Jughead was dead until an hour ago, which is not at all. The team destroys their seaweed offering to Herman, destroying her hold over them but leaving their toll unpaid. The team asks themselves, “Why now? Why this sperm?” but they’ve still got the bones, and it’s just like Maren Morris says: if the bones are good, the rest don’t matter. Owen lets Nancy drive him home because being marked for death makes you reevaluate your priorities, and she totally puts out because having your secondary love interest marked for death makes you reevaluate your priorities. But nothing for Nick and George? Y’all are fake AF. Apparently that whole “marked for death” thing is an STD à la It Follows because Nancy spits up a giant glob of seaweed the next morning. Or, rather, she painstakingly pulls out a massive anaconda of seaweed in an altogether too-long sequence of terror. Herman is coming for them all.


K THX BYE!!!!!!


Nancy and Owen’s response to imminent danger (immediate boning) was a very Varchie move.


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Quick Q: If Nick, Nancy, Bess, George, *and* Ace are off solving mysteries in the middle of the day, who’s at the Claw? Not that they’d have any customers to serve. This episode went by in the blink of an eye — truly, one of the quickest 45 minutes of television I’ve experienced this decade (aka in the past two months). Now that Nancy Drew has stopped beating around the bush with unnecessary supernatural sh*t and has started beating around the bush with extremely necessary supernatural sh*t, I can feel the season’s resolution coming closer with each episode and I’m ready for it, which is the vibe I had been craving before the midseason finale. Better late than never!

I would like to say that I didn’t give the Drew Crew writers enough credit last episode — they reshot a good chunk of the pilot for last week’s episode instead of just reusing footage and actually *really* cared about continuity, something we should all appreciate in a post-Riverdale world. Storylines? Not dropped. Research? Done. Tomatoes? Cut perfectly to match episode one. Can this be the standard we hold all CW shows to in the future, please?

Oh, also, I have learned from Twitter that the spirit’s name is spelled Iglaeca, but I am sticking with Herman because it’s cuter. Sorry!

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