Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 16 Recap: Daddy Issues

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nancy drew episode 16

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On Nancy Drew episode 16, our favorite teen sleuth solves Lucy Sable’s murder the only way she knows how: By immediately revealing all of her leads to literally anyone who asks. Nancy is no longer being haunted by our BFF Iglica? Yucatan? Ithaca? Herman, but Carson is still on trial and Lucy is still dead. Things have truly reached their lowest point, which means it’s all up hill from here. Right? Right?!



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In a very Nancy Drew move, Nancy calls in a special favor during her last-ditch effort to save her father before his evidentiary hearing later that day. Her scientist comes into the Claw, closed for the day because no one is ever there, left to investigate Lucy Sable’s bones with no official lab and a Hanukkah decorations box as its super special containment system. Meanwhile, Nancy is going through evidence at home with a little help from her ghost friend. No, not Herman. Lucy, who makes the connection between Nancy’s mother and a steak knife found at the scene of the crime. Mr. Science already conjectured that the owner of that knife was the last person to see Lucy alive, and now Nancy has to ask him to run a mother-daughter DNA diagnostic on the weapon. The science-ing is interrupted by a swarm of cops, including one detective who’s too sexy to go away any time soon. They chose the worst time to search the premises, but Ace and Dr. Science do what they can while hiding in the fridge. They confirm that Ryan didn’t write his final, incendiary email to Lucy, but his father did. Bess outs Nancy’s fling with Owen to the entire Claw — Nick included — because she’s so stoked that Nancy slept with her cousin. We love the enthusiasm, but she could work on her timing. Nick slept on the couch last night, but now he knows that he’s free to pursue other options… Like George, for example. She’s down if he is. Ugh, they’re cute. Bess disagrees, which is so not in line with her character description, but she tell George that she doesn’t think a relationship with Nick would be a good idea. She then tells Nick the same thing, which is pretty uncool, but they make out in the fridge anyway. Love: 1, Bess’s Meddling: 0. The Drew Crew worsk together to get the cops out of the Claw, and Ace saves the day once again by hiding Lucy’s bones down his pants. Bess manages to lose the skull, though, and hot cop is lurking in wait with it in his car for some reason. This is not a great episode for Bess.

Ryan did try to see Lucy on the night she died, but he didn’t get home before her murder. He already knew how it looked — cops were swarming and he’d been keeping his relationship a secret. So, he left. The spot Ryan was supposed to meet Lucy wasn’t the bluffs, though, it was an adorable ice cream shoppe. The shopgirl tried to tell the cops that Lucy had been waiting there that day and was followed by the eldest Hudson’s car when she left. He didn’t approve of Ryan’s relationship with Lucy because his love was distracting him from more important goals, but he simply told Lucy to leave Ryan alone and dropped her off at home, where Karen was waiting to give Lucy a piece of her mind. Never trust a woman named Karen. Karen arranged for Lucy to win Sea Queen by rigging the vote in an attempt to make her social pariah friend feel a little better, but it just made everything worse. Ryan and Nancy, on the case together, visit Lucy’s abandoned house in search of her journal. An entry from the day she died leaves Nancy shooketh, and she runs out just in time to admit Lucy’s journal as evidence at Carson’s hearing.

Nancy takes the stand and tells the story of Ryan and Lucy’s love in the time of Y2K. Lucy’s life was ruined by the Hudson family, just because she refused to leave Ryan. By the time she finally gave in and left her boyfriend with no explanation, the damage was already done. The only light in her life was her guidance counsellor, Kate Drew, and her husband who had always been so kind. Lucy was depressed, and she stole one of Kate’s knives when her mother had hid theirs for her safety. Lucy’s diary ends with her suicide note. The only murderer was the disgusting gossip of the town which never ended, even after her death. Just when everything seems fine (AKA the most reliable time for things to go to sh*t), Lucy’s knife comes back from the lab with confirmation that Kate was on the bluffs with Lucy the night she died. Lucy, Kate, and Carson were together on the bluffs. Lucy had gone to the cliffs to end her life, but instead, she gave birth. A secret pregnancy, hidden because of threats from Everett Hudson. Lucy’s final wish was for the Drews to take care of her child and keep her far away from the Hudsons, but the minute the Drews turned away, Lucy had jumped from the cliff. Or maybe slipped. All the Drews knew was that they loved that baby as their own and would do anything to protect her. Nancy is Dead Lucy’s daughter — and Ryan Hudson’s, too.


But nothing is scarier than all these feelings :'(


When the telecast got interrupted by a coronavirus update, then pushed for a rerun of Friends. Put some respect on Nancy Drew‘s name!!


Nancy Drew episode 16

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Woah. Just, woah. This is one of those conclusions that makes enough sense, I feel like I should have seen it coming from miles away. But I didn’t. I’ll cop to it, I thought there’d be an actual murderer and I was pleasantly surprised at the misdirect, especially after an entire episode’s worth of red herring in Ryan’s father. My only question is why Dead Lucy was so insistent that Nancy solve her “murder” and learn her true parentage. Just to f*ck up her whole life, for fun? Old times’ sake? I’m glad it was revealed, if only for good TV. But now that Josh Sable is, well, unmasked but on the loose, there was no looming threat, and Lucy never wanted her real cause of death revealed. So why open new wounds for her daughter, who could have lived her whole life without needing to know the truth? The foreshadowing with Ryan and Nancy’s shared bee allergy? *Chef’s Kiss* This was clearly meant to be Nancy Drew‘s season finale and after two satisfying conclusions to their original mysteries (one of which handled suicide in a way that didn’t glamorize it — here’s looking at you, 13 Reasons Why), and we can’t wait to see where they go next.

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