Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

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nancy drew episode 8

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Our second favorite CW sleuths are back after last week’s Thanksgiving hiatus. Nancy Drew episode 8 reveals whether Ace and Laura died in a grisly car accident (Spoiler Alert: They’re both in comas!) and takes a ghostly detour into the metaphysical world to save Horseshoe Bay’s hottest stoner. Mostly, though, this trippy episode raises a question we should have been asking this whole time: Are we sure this entire town isn’t tweaking? It’s a better explanation for these jump scares than “ghosts,” just saying.


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Nancy is shocked that she offended Carson by asking if he killed Lucy Sable, but it did take him a hot minute to respond. Out of context, the question is insane and Carson’s tough love plea for Nancy to stop suspecting everyone who loves her would have been merited, but this is the CW. So, she’s probably right. Before they could really duke it out, George arrives with news of Ace and Laura’s crash. Nancy acts like a real b*tch at the hospital, then goes through Ace’s phone as it’s still covered in blood. It’s a good thing she did, though, because a voice memo reveals that Laura wasn’t in control of the car when it crashed. Ace is in a coma, and now even the sheriff is being haunted by strange demonic shadows.

The sheriff confronts Drew Crew about their spirit world tampering, and in true Nancy Drew fashion, they tell him literally every supernatural thing they’ve done on the past seven episodes. The sheriff thinks he saw Ace’s spirit walking around the hospital and that Drew Crew’s tampering caused Ace’s spirit to become trapped outside of his body, so the teams join forces for another supernatural ceremony at Nancy’s house. The sheriff begins a Native American ritual to help de-clog the otherworldly portal so someone can pass through and make contact with Ace.

George is chosen by the ether to enter the spirit world, which just looks like a poorly-attended blacklight rave. George then walks from the Drew House to the crash site and is attacked by a demon pretending to be Ace. The bad energy from Nancy and Carson’s daddy-daughter fight is affecting George’s ability to navigate through the spirit world. If they don’t solve their issues, the ritual can’t be completed, and both Ace and George will be lost forever. Nancy tells Carson everything she knows about Lucy’s case (which was a good refresher for us, too), and he shares that Lucy was already gone by the time he tracked her to the bluffs that night on the Hudsons’ behalf. Meanwhile, George sees Lucy’s name written on the walls and the wedding dress burning in Nancy’s alternate dimension fireplace, so this Drew truce might not last long. She also sees the moment of Ace’s greatest fear, when his father nearly died during a high-speed chase in his youth. This means Ace’s spirit is taking the form of a six-year-old, which allows George to find him and bring him home. Baby Ace insists that George not forget a misplaced pair of adult boots that will probably be important later. The spirit’s return didn’t miraculously save Ace, but now his healing is happening in our realm.

Nancy asks Nick to use his mechanic powers and investigate Laura’s car. Nick doesn’t find anything physically attached to the car, but there is proof that someone messed with its internal computer system. This never would’ve happened if Laura just drove a 2009 Camry like every other teenager in America. Bess’s driver GF Lisbeth is their number one suspect (because The CW is always doing its LGBTQ characters dirty), and Nick secretly listens to their conversation while Bess tries to elicit a confession during a thinly-veiled interrogation. “Lisbeth” didn’t exist before five years ago because she’s an undercover police officer investigating the Hudsons. The cops think there’s a Horseshoe Bay officer on their payroll, and she’s here to find out who it is. So even cops on this show can’t keep a secret for sh*t. Lis reveals herself to Nancy and George, too, because why not? Nancy realizes the Hudsons could have messed with Laura’s car, and George thinks the spirit-realm boots were standard issue police. Nancy goes to the chief with what she knows, and some random officer we’ve never seen before walks in and immediately incriminates himself. That was easy!

As usual, the real meat of the episode is in its final course. Carson tells Nancy he saw tire tracks, a piece of broken crown, and Lucy’s dress dangling over the cliff the night Lucy died. Carson took the dress in a panic instead of calling the cops because he knows what the Hudsons are capable of: Laura Tandy isn’t the first person they’ve driven off the road. Carson also admits to stealing the Lucy evidence box, but only to cover for Nancy.

A non-sequitur both here and on the episode, George’s little sister is visited by a ghostly shadow (or possibly a scary, possessed man) who kidnaps her. We know Leah Lewis can *act*, but can’t George have one trauma-free episode this season?


But next episode looks super creepy…


Bess using her knowledge of designer clothing to ferret out Lisbeth’s lies.

Nancy Drew Episode 8 Recap: HOW WE FEEL

nancy drew episode 8

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The CW is abandoning plots left and right tonight. First, Riverdale benched its VHS tape storyline for a third week, now Nancy Drew is acting like Owen doesn’t exist. Maybe this was explained last episode… It’s been so long (read: two weeks) that I’ve forgotten a good chunk of Nancy Drew’s loosely connected clues, but I know that I’m ready for at least some of them to come together. It’s like every week leaves us with more questions and fewer resolutions, and Nancy Drew episode 8 was no different. Now we know that Ace’s dad was a cop and that the Hudsons have police officers on their payroll, but everything is too disjointed for us to make sense of yet another random factoid. Hey, guys, remember when Bess was British? Yeah, me neither! Because it literally hasn’t been mentioned since. Why is she keeping up the fake American accent while she’s hanging out with a bunch of people who already know she’s British? Argh. I suspect that Nancy Drew will be fantastic for bingeing, but this week-to-week viewing is making my head hurt. Or maybe I’m just dumb!

I have fewer questions about the use of Native American mythology being used in this episode than I did when George’s mother introduced Chinese mysticism to the show. The Nancy Drew writers’ Twitter explained that actor Adam Beach, who plays the sheriff, is Native American and brought both their cultural traditions and his own family traditions into the sequence, even using his own smudging feathers and pipes. It’s amazing to see Native American traditions being represented on television at all, but using Chinese and Native American traditions interchangeably between episodes with little to no explanation sits uncomfortably to us. The supernatural sequence itself, though, was visually stunning. When it snowed inside? *Chef’s Kiss* Brilliant. I still hold that it looked like an empty underground rave at Art Basel, but this is one party we’d be honored to attend.

Side note: Was there a touch of sexual tension between Carson and Nancy at the end of this episode, or are we reading too much into Scott Wolf’s intense eye contact? We’re not saying we *like* it, we’re just saying we saw some sparks.


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