Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: Everybody Wants Some Coin

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Okay, guys, I might be legitimately stupid because none of this episode made sense to me. This Nancy Drew recap season 1, episode 6 has been brought to you by Google, where I did my own investigation to piece together character names, family trees, and seemingly important plot points that were totally lost on me for the past hour. I want to know what happened to Lucy and Tiffany ASAP, but I won’t be able to understand this speedy resolution if the writers keep speeding through character introductions like Lightening McQueen on race day. Nancy Drew needs to explain itself to me like I’m five years old (or, alternately, 23 years old, exhausted, and still reeling from tonight’s episode of Riverdale).


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Nancy tries to sleuth out some facts from a mythology-heavy poem Lucy Sable left in her high school time capsule, but when that doesn’t work, Nancy goes straight to the Hudson home to ask Ryan some invasive questions. Or, at the very least, to let herself in uninvited and rifle through Ryan’s personal belongings while he’s not home. It’s not like Nancy is about to be put on trial for breaking and entering or anything. She finds an invitation for The Velvet Masque, a legendary rich people party that Lucy probably attended the year she died. Ironically, Ryan is waiting for Nancy at home because he needs Carson’s help. Ryan explains that he’s been cut off because of his relationship with George. His only financial hope was selling some fancy Roman coins at the Velvet Masque ~secret auction~ and Nancy finesses an invitation because Carson is out of town for the week and Ryan needs her to steal the coins for him. Y’all, this man is at least 30 by now, right? Shouldn’t he have a job? If you’re old enough to think that haircut is a good idea, it’s time to become financially independent. Nick draws a parallel between Ryan’s coins and an old shipping manifest for a boat that sank with twelve people and a trove of antiquities inside. How Ryan got his grubby hands on the coins is beyond us, but Lucy Sable is so p*ssed about it that her ghost becomes fully corporeal and burns Ryan’s arm. This is enough of a bonding experience for Ryan to reveal that he went out with Lucy a few times the summer before she died, but not much else.

Nick quite literally follows the connection between Owen and Tiffany, and Owen notices he’s being tailed. Owen’s still willing to chat with Nancy about the case, but only during a dinner date. Or maybe sailing. Nick and George both seem to think Owen has a shot at stealing Nancy away from Nick despite him being a murder suspect. Although, Nick was also once a murder suspect, so maybe she has a type. Nick is becoming increasingly insecure about his relationship with Nancy because of her innate trust issues. This manifests itself after Nancy insists on giving the Roman coins to Ryan in exchange for leads about Lucy’s case even though Nick wants to use the coins to destroy the Hudson family once and for all.

Nick, Bess, and George find their way into the Velvet Masque through Ace’s ex, Laura Tandy, while Nancy pieces together clues from Lucy’s letter and realizes her nonsensical poem was describing events from the masked ball 20 years ago. How this girl just had an Eyes Wide Shut party dress laying around is beyond me, but it’s enough to entice Owen into trying to protect Nancy from Ryan and to open up about how those Roman coins represented the Hudsons double-crossing his family back in the day. Nancy ditches Ryan, Owen, and Nick to discover that Lucy saw Ryan’s mom having an affair with family rival Sebastian Marvin. Nancy’s revelation is interrupted by the Hudson matriarch herself, and Nancy continues the CW’s trend of never keeping anything secret for more than fifteen seconds by immediately confronting her about the affair. Apparently, Sebastian died in that shipwreck only a few months after the Velvet Masque ball 20 years ago, and Lucy didn’t survive much longer, either. IDK what Nancy thought this outburst would accomplish other than annoying a rich, powerful (potentially murderous) woman, but here we are.

Bess and Lisbeth are going on a fancy date that ends up being not-so-fancy when Bess panics and takes Lisbeth to The Claw instead of a nice Italian restaurant. This episode definitely blew its entire budget on the Masque auction, and Bess’s date got the short end of the stick. Bess could have used the extra ambiance — the girl’s got zero game. Lisbeth fakes an emergency to ditch the date but shows up at the Velvet Masque later that night, where Bess tries to confront her about leaving but just ends up making out with her at the least opportune moment AKA when she was supposed to be stealing the Roman coins. Bess gets caught red-handed due to the distraction, but Owen vouches for her before she could be hunted for sport or burnt at the stake or whatever rich people do to townie thieves.

Meanwhile, Ryan starts making out with Lucy Sable’s ghost which is f*cked up in a fun, new way. She zaps Ryan’s wedding ring and engraves it with “Lucy → Tiffany,” confirming that their deaths are connected. Ryan was at boarding school when Lucy died, so he’s probably not the murderer. But every woman he’s ever loved gets murdered. So. There’s that. Carson Drew was the designated Hudson Fixer around that time, leaving Nancy with more than a few questions for her father when he gets home. Luckily for Nancy’s mental health, her coroner friend calls with the news that a second strand of DNA was found on Lucy’s homecoming crown, and it was female. The plot thickens.

Nancy arrives back at the Claw with a peace offering: the Roman coins. She switched them for fakes on the way out from the party, and these coins are deffo haunted. But that’s an issue for next week’s Nancy Drew recap season 1, episode 7.



When Nancy Drew tried to force a totally unnecessary love triangle onto its leading lady.


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Mad props to Nancy Drew yet again for crafting a narrative that makes sense (well, once you slow down and piece it together) without being obvious. It’s so rare on any TV series, let alone a teen soap, for the bad guys to be well concealed in a whodunit caper, but I have no effing clue who Nancy’s Big Bad is going to be. It’s not that no one would make sense but that everyone is a viable suspect, which is exactly the type of believable suspense that Caroline Keene could be proud of. Oh, and on a somewhat related note, it would be great if people would stop complaining about this being a supernatural show. Sure, the original books were full of realistic masked villains with heartbeats who couldn’t walk through walls, but the original Archie Comics are about three teens in a love triangle who eat a lot of burgers, and I don’t see you complaining about The CW shaking up Riverdale‘s formula. Nancy Drew‘s supernatural element is well-crafted, benefits the story, and is roughly 80% of the series’s plot, so you might as well just sit back and enjoy the jump scares.

That being said, this is still The CW, and this week’s forced love triangle was even sadder than usual. Nancy lets Owen down gently after an episode of flirting because her heart belongs to Nick… who’s watching their conversation and totally misinterpreting it. Yeah, he totally thinks he’s about to get dumped for some rich dude in a sportscar. For a teen detective who can’t keep a secret, Nancy sure could benefit from better communication skills.

Tune in for next week’s Nancy Drew recap season 1, episode 7, where we investigate the mystery of why anyone actually hangs out with Nancy by choice.


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