Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: Someone Call The Ghostbusters

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Welcome back to Horseshoe Bay, where the only thing more common than sea puns are terrifying ghosts that become more powerful with each passing moment. So far, Nancy Drew has completely lived up to our dreams of seeing a Nancy Drew Interactive Game come to life, and it’s only been two episodes. The most refreshing part of all this is that we legitimately have no idea who the villain could be, unlike Riverdale, where it’s always either Hiram Lodge, one of Betty Cooper’s relatives, or a bear. On Nancy Drew, everyone’s a suspect. It looks like you’re going to have to keep reading our Nancy Drew recaps to find out whodunit.

Nancy Drew Recap Season One, Episode Two: What Just Happened?!

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Nancy Drew picks up right where our last Nancy Drew recap left off: with that freaking ghost stalking Nancy in her attic. Nancy and her father have a breakfast nook heart-to-heart about his new boo-thang, but her mind drifts to the possibility that Carson is Lucy Sable’s killer. Meanwhile, our minds were drifting to how much we wish Freddie Prinze Jr. was still in this role. Sorry, Scott Wolf, we’ll always have a hard soft-spot for Zack Siler.

George’s makeout session with Mr. Hudson is disrupted by a frantic call about autopsies, which is a major boner killer, so she leaves. It turns out Mr. Hudson is blocking his wife’s murder investigation by moving her corpse to New Hampshire. Although, if I was a cheating husband who’d been having a two-year fling with a teen, I wouldn’t want the police anywhere near my business, either. God, men are gross. Mr. Hudson’s excuse is that Tiffany was a drug addict and moving her body to New Hampshire will give his family the privacy they crave, but we’re not buying it. During this “confession,” Nancy discovers that George and Mr. Hudson are having an affair by creepily hiding in the woods, and we’re pretty sure Nancy isn’t buying it, either. Back at the Claw, George spins Nancy’s concern into another story about how Nancy’s friends were mean in high school, which is already getting old. Being a bystander isn’t cool and Nancy hasn’t exactly apologized, but George *is* sleeping with a married dude. Can’t we just call it even?

Harkening back to Veronica Mars, Nancy is calling in favors from previous clients to help determine Tiffany Hudson’s cause of death, autopsy or no autopsy. All she needs is a little bit of Tiffany’s blood from the morgue. Except that f*cking ghost is back, and now it’s grabbing people in broad daylight, so consider this our official resignation from Nancy Drew recaps. We’re scared, and we’re going to go watch The Good Place.

Just kidding! We’re getting paid for this sh*t, y’all. And if you can’t get the living daylights scared out of you during spooky szn, when can you? Ace tells Nancy the morgue has been plagued by stories of disappearances attributed to Lucy. It doesn’t get more original than a haunted morgue. Nancy learns she needs a keycard to get inside, and she devises an unnecessarily complicated plan to make it happen. Fortunately, that unnecessarily complicated plan involves Katie Findlay from The Carries Diaries showing up and making a love connection with Bess, who’s still mostly in the closet but open to love. Unfortunately, Nancy’s ghostly hallucinations now include blood, and Bess interprets this as a warning from Lucy to stay away from the morgue. Nancy doesn’t listen, because we need plot, but at least she’s reasonably freaked about having to search through a bunch of dead bodies to harvest corpse blood. Like, it’s weird either way, but it would be even worse if she was just cool with it.

Holy sh*t, a corpse is gone. Nancy took the blood, then some b*tch just yeeted off into the night. This conveniently leads Nancy to a room with Lucy Sable’s forensic evidence in a clearly-marked box. Nancy is caught in the morgue when the alarm system activates, but George appears in the nick of time to take the blood and run. Here’s hoping George has her priorities straight because Lucy’s samples were in there, too. It’s this act of trust that leads Nancy to finally apologize to George for being a bystander to her bullying, while George admits that her affair with Mr. Hudson was probably a bad call.

Mr. Hudson asks Carson to be his lawyer, but Carson is amongst the majority of townspeople that think Mr. Hudson is an elitist jerk. The Drew Family’s beef with the Hudsons goes way back, and there’s more to it than a haves-and-have-nots feud, but as always, the rich get what they want. Carson agrees to represent Mr. Hudson so he can post Nancy’s bail. Is this what fatherly love looks like?

LOL, nope! Carson and Nancy have another heart-to-heart, but this time, Nancy is a captive audience. Literally. She’s behind bars while Carson explains Nick probably had no idea Tiffany was the star witness in his case. His fatherly concern during the pilot was simply about Nancy focusing on herself and not a relationship. Nancy asks Carson about the dress, and he says it was for a prank he used to scare Nancy’s mother. And those grave robbers? They were just Nancy’s parents digging up some old family heirlooms. As one does. Except, later that night, Carson torches the dress. That’s not suspicious at all.

Nancy’s day of hauntings has strengthened her resolve to figure out who killed Lucy, but she’s still not convinced ghosts exist. Sure, Jan. At least now Nancy has her iconic blue car to help her save the day and her hot, trustworthy boyfriend by her side. Or so she thinks. Little does Nancy know that Nick was the last person Tiffany Hudson called before she died.

The Most CW Moment

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When Ace put the Chief of Police in his phone as “Weed Guy” to hide his snitching. Super sneaky, dude.

How We Feel

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Sadly, it looks like Carson Drew won’t be taking Fred Andrews’s place as The Only Good Father On The CW, And Possibly Earth. We were all rooting for you! More importantly, Mr. Hudson and Carson Drew look exactly the same. Let it be known that this affluent coastal town only has one barber.

Seriously, though, why do people live in Horseshoe Bay? There are way too many crimes and disappearances for a town this small, and all of their traditions are super creepy and weird. Take their bonfire, for example. It could have just been a nice afternoon on the beach, but no. They had to make it about death somehow by adding this thing where people leave buckets of water outside, then kick them over at midnight. If the water stays water, you’re golden. There’s nothing to worry about. If it becomes blood, you’re apparently doomed to die within the year. Also, you have a bunch of blood to clean up, which is a bummer. George’s bucket did turn into “blood,” but we’ve seen enough of The CW’s fake blood to know when they’re trying to make something look like blood and when it’s just paint. We’d bet money that sh*t was paint and this was all some sort of prank, but there’s always a chance that The CW cut down their fake blood budget to buy more red hair dye for Archie and Nancy.

Nancy Drew just keeps getting scarier, fake blood or not, and we’re completely here for it. We didn’t need the jump scare adrenaline kick at 10 PM on a Wednesday night, but our sweaty palms and racing heartbeats prove that Nancy Drew is living up to its promises.

Join us again next week for more spooky Nancy Drew recap fun!

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