This Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Will Convince You Jamie Is Alive

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We were about to disclose that there’ll be spoilers ahead… but the headline is a spoiler in itself. You’ve been warned. Last week’s Game of Thrones episode left the world shook for many reasons, one of the most important being our beloved Jaime Lannister‘s death. If you need reminding, Jaime appeared to die in the arms of his sister and one true love Cersei at the end of the episode, thanks to the castle falling down on top of them. There was a certain poetry about Jamie leaving the world as he entered it, with his sister — but many were upset that his whole redemption arc appeared to be for nothing if he was just going to run back to his evil sis. And surely there’s no way they could survive a whole castle falling atop them, right? According to this new (convincing) Game of Thrones fan theory, people seem to think there’s a chance Jaime might make it to the series finale this Sunday.


A Tumblr user, WeedsAreFlowersToo, put together this post detailing all the reasons that point to Jaime’s survival. Let’s break it down.

The first thing that’s weird is that none of the cast really acknowledged the fact that Jaime just like, died? Not one person bid farewell to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – the guy who plays Jaime – on social media, which is a pretty standard thing they do when someone dies.

“Why isn’t ANYONE acknowledging that Jaime Lannister just died??? Why is nobody in the cast thanking Nik for his performance? Why did Pilou (Euron Greyjoy) and Lena’s (Cersei Lannister) insta post not say anything about Jaime dying? Why isn’t Nik saying anything about what he thinks of the scene? Why did he make a post saying goodbye to Lena, and not to the character he played for 8 years? Why is there no talk of Jaime’s death in the game revealed?”

So why no mention of his character Jaime? Maybe Nikolaj just really appreciated his co-star…or maybe it’s not goodbye.

Her next point has to do with an Entertainment Weekly writer, James Hibberd, who usually does exit interviews with cast members after they leave the show. He did them with both Lena Headley and Rory McCann (The Hound), who also died on episode five, but when someone asked him about Nikolaj’s, here’s what he said:

But what does it all MEAN? The Tumblr post alleges that James said there was a character he was surprised to see alive on episode six. “I don’t think there is any other character at this point that we would be shocked to see alive except Jaime. Prove me wrong.”

So okay, we might be grasping at straws here – Jaime was stabbed two times and had a building fall on him, but if anyone can survive that it’s the King Slayer, right?

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