Peter Weber’s BFF May Have Accidentally Spoiled The Bachelor Winner On Instagram

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Peter Weber Bachelor Winner Spoiled Accident


Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor hasn’t even started yet, but we may already know who wins — and Reality Steve isn’t even the one who spoiled it. Naturally, I’ll disclaim that THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD, or at least what I believe is a spoiler, so read with caution.

The women vying for Pilot Pete’s heart just had their bios uploaded to ABC.com and while we already social media stalked them so you didn’t have to, Pilot Pete’s BFF Courtney Slovenski may have accidentally revealed who the winner is with only two words: “My girl.” Courtney commented on one of the Bachelor contestant’s pages with those two words and FIVE heart emojis and the contestant responded with, “love you.” The original screenshot was captured by bachelorteaspill on Instagram.

The contestant in question is Madison Prewett aka MadiPrew on Instagram. The comment is still up and ex-Bachelor winner Vanessa Grimaldi, who broke up with Nick Viall soon after he proposed, also commented on her post. She seems pretty “in” with Bachelor Nation already. That’s a sign.

Instagram / BachelorTeaSpill

Sure, this isn’t a guarantee that Madi, a 23-year-old foster parent recruiter, is the winner of the upcoming season, but it does at least prove she gets pretty far and has maintained a good relationship with Pilot Pete. Courtney’s his ride-or-die and if sh*t hit the fan with the two, we don’t think Courtney would be stanning her Bachelor announcement like this. We know Pilot Pete loves tearing up the dance floor and from the clip Madison posted, so does she.

Okay, can January 6th just get here already? We’ve got our wine rack stocked and we’re just waiting for the premiere!

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