Watch Riverdale’s KJ Apa Tease Charles Melton With A Camila Mendes Make Out Video

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These guys just LOVE to prank each other! If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the cast of Riverdale is one tight-knit group. So tight, in fact, that they’re constantly trolling each other. Who can forget when KJ Apa and Casey Cott recreated Lili Reinhart‘s topless photo? It’s all in good fun, but the latest trolling involves Charles Melton – and guys, it just might be the funniest one yet!

As you all know, Charles is dating his TV co-star Camila Mendes. Together, they make #Charmila, a ship that’s quickly proving they have what it takes to be the cutest IRL Riverdale couple (sorry, #Sprousehart). On the show, however, Camila’s character, Veronica, is in a relationship with KJ’s Archie and the two are constantly making out. Last night’s episode of the hit CW series was no exception. Not to spoil anything for anyone, but Archie and Veronica share one steamy scene.

So, to taunt Charles, KJ filmed him watching them make out. It’s kinda funny, but also kinda cruel. LOL! In the video, which the New Zealand-born actor posted on his Instagram Stories, you can see Archie and Veronica engaging in a passionate makeout session (he pinned her up against a locker and everything!) as Charles watches closely. He then turns to give the camera a disapproving look.

Watch below!

We always wondered if it gets awkward for couples who star in the same show and have to watch their bae kiss other people all the time. It’s clear to us that Charles isn’t too thrilled about it, but of course, he and KJ are the best of friends so if Camila has to kiss anyone, we’re sure he’s happy it’s KJ. After all, KJ seems to be #Charmila’s biggest fan and often shares adorable photos of the pair.

Like this one, for instance:

How cute are they? There have been rumors going around that their Riverdale characters might get together, but it seems unlikely since #Varchie looks pretty solid – at least right now. Honestly, though, we’re perfectly happy with Charles and Camila keeping their romance off the screen.

As we mentioned, the couple has been giving Lili and Cole some competition in the “who’s the most swoon-worthy real-life couple?” department. Since making thing official in October, the two look absolutely smitten with one another. They even gave each other hilarious nicknames – and we’re 100% sure that KJ will use that to troll them in the near future. Stay tuned.

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