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Riverdale’s Mädchen Amick Wants #Falice to be Endgame as Much as We Do

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We all have our favorite Riverdale ships and though some might say that #Bughead and #Varchie are the best ones, others will argue that couples like #Choni and #Falice are the real deal. In fact, Mädchen Amick, who plays Alice Cooper on the hit CW series, has high hopes for her character’s relationship with Juggy’s dad FP Jones. She recently admitted that she believes the couple will be endgame.

“[Skeet Ulrich] is such an amazing actor that I love being in scenes with him so selfishly, yes I want there to be a lot of #Falice for sure,” she told Us Weekly at Comic-Con. “I think they’re both really good for each other. They’re like Bonnie and Clyde. They’re both fiery and strong and clearly, something happened that broke them apart but I think they belong with each other.”

“They’re each other’s soulmates,” she added, which literally puts the biggest smile on our faces. But, despite the fact that we want #Falice to be together, Cole Sprouse confirmed that Jughead’s mom will be back in town next season, which will definitely cause problems for FP and Alice.

“She’s a badass, an ex-Serpent from what I believe. She’s gonna be trouble,” Cole teased.

Throughout season one and two, FP and Alice brought up their past on more than one occasion. However, they’ve never really filled us in on what exactly went down between them. All we know at this point is that they allegedly share a child together, but perhaps there was some drama with Jughead’s mom, too. There’s more to the story, which we hope will be addressed in the upcoming season.

Mädchen also said that her character will be a little lost at the start of the third season. Riverdale fans will know that A LOT went down in the last few episodes of season two, including the revelation that Alice’s husband and Betty’s dad, Hal, was the murderous Black Hood the entire time. He gets arrested, but Alice is left dealing with the aftermath of the mess he caused.

“She went through a lot last season [and is] a totally broken woman. So I think Polly wanting to present an opportunity for her to heal, I think Alice is quite tempted by that. She might be going down that road,” Mädchen explained, referring to Alice seemingly joining Polly’s cult.

The show’s season three teaser showed us that things are about to get weird on Riverdale. At the very end of the trailer, Betty walks into a pretty uncomfortable situation that sees her mom and sister engaging in a sacrifice-like ritual involving Polly’s twin babies. To say it’s creepy would be a total understatement, but hopefully, FP will come to the rescue and knock some sense into Alice.

Riverdale returns to the CW on October 10th, 2018 at 8 PM EST!

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