Riverdale’s Bughead Photoshop Fail Because Cole Sprouse Was Showing Too Much PDA Is Hilarious

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Riverdale Photoshop Fail Bughead Feat

The CW

We love a Photoshop fail. But while we’re usually calling out celebrities for curvy backgrounds and unrealistic proportions, this one’s different. Riverdale posted a promotional photo for the CW show on Twitter and while it’s a cute shot of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, look a little closer and you’ll see something is… off.

Still don’t see it? Count the hands. Sure, Cole’s hand could be hiding behind Lili’s back or resting by the side of the chair they’re sitting on or something… but if you look closely at the area surrounding her derriere, you’ll see that Cole’s hand was pretty obviously Photoshopped out. The photo editor didn’t really do a good job. Would it have really been *that* scandalous? This is a show that draws ratings for their steamy, steamy sex scenes after all. And Cole and Lili are dating IRL — we know he touches her butt, mmkay?

Of course, Bughead fans are dying over this revelation.

Did they really think they could get that past internet sleuths? These are the people that possibly figured out Camila Mendes and Charles Melton broke up before the two even announced it.

Riverdale skipped last week’s episode so fans could hang with their families on Thanksgiving, but we’re all stoked that Riverdale is back this Thursday, 12/5. Catch up with our last Riverdale recap and check back in later this week to see what we had to say about season four, episode eight of the binge-worthy CW show.

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