Here’s How Much Your Fave Riverdale Stars Earn Per Episode

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If you’ve ever wondered how much the cast of Riverdale is being paid for playing their iconic characters, wonder no more because Variety just published a report that shows us the salaries of some of our fave stars–and let’s just say there’s a whole lot of money to be made in television.

Riverdale is one of the biggest shows on TV right now, so you would probably expect the cast to be bringing in some serious dough. However, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, and Camila Mendes don’t earn as much as you might have thought. So, who is the highest earning Riverdale cast member? If you guessed Cole (which would have been ours, too, because of his Disney experience), you’re mistaken. It turns out, they all earn the same amount of money per episode… $40,000.

When you calculate a whole season (22 episodes), it comes out to a pretty hefty paycheck. But compared to other TV actors, the Riverdale cast isn’t making that much. Stranger Things‘ biggest stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Millie Bobby Brown are each earning $350,000 per episode this season, while the others actors make $250,000. That’s eight times more than Riverdale! There’s a lot to consider though. Stars earn different amounts depending on whether the show is on broadcast TV (ABC, The CW), cable (HBO, AMC), or streaming (Hulu, Netflix) – and right now Netflix is up there with Amazon, Apple, and other big TV players in the business.

For example, Reese Witherspoon and Friends alum Jennifer Aniston will reportedly earn $1.1 million per episode each for their upcoming Amazon dramedy, and that’s not counting the additional money they’ll make as producers. Norman Reedus also earns $1 million per episode for his role in The Walking Dead and The Conners stars John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert are all making $375,000 per episode of the ABC comedy. The only stars earning less than Lili, Cole, KJ, and Camila are Queer Eye‘s Fab Five, who all make $7,500 per episode – and that’s reality TV.

Of course, an actor’s salary is also based on experience and the Riverdale stars are newbies compared to some of these TV veterans. The cast’s time for a salary increase will definitely come… especially if the show continues to do as well as it has. On just three seasons, they’ve built one of the most passionate fanbases ever which just proves they’re not going anywhere! TBH, we’re glad to see that there’s isn’t any wage gap between show’s male and female stars, so that’s definitely a plus.

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