Riverdale Fans Debate Whether Dating Your Brother’s Brother Is “Wrong” After Riverdale Season Four Trailer

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We’ve seen a lot of slightly-incestuous TV couples on teen TV shows throughout the years. There was the early relationship between Callie and Brandon on The Fosters, future-adoptive siblings who, at first, lived together as Callie was a foster child in Brandon’s biological mom and step mom’s home. Then there was the Cece Drake and Jason DiLaurentis being maybe-siblings-but-actually-just-cousins-who-dated plotline on Pretty Little Liars. On Gossip Girl we saw the union of Dan Humphrey and Serena Van der Woodsen, whose parents were in an on-again-off-again relationship and who shared a half-brother. Even on Riverdale we saw the reveal that Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom, who made babies, were actually third cousins.

But the most recent quesitonably-incestuous TV couple is the fan-favorite pairing of Bughead — AKA Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones — who found out that their mutual half-brother was still alive and working for the FBI on the most recent season of Riverdale. It’s definitely most similar to the Gossip Girl couple, who also raised eyebrows when their storylines were still developing. The season four Riverdale trailer showed a few intimate scenes between Betty and Jug. In one, they’re making out while Jughead is shirtless and Betty is wearing just her bra. This particular scene has started a debate among Riverdale fans, who can’t decide whether Charles being confirmed *still alive* during the last season should permanently end Betty and Jughead’s relationship.

One Twitter user wrote, “[T]he fact that they SHARE a whole ass BROTHER and they are still together like nothing is wrong?” deciding that they “are definitely snorting coke” if they think this is okay.

Though that’s one of the most popular tweets that’s emerged since the release of the season four trailer, no everyone agrees with that fan’s opinion. Another Riverdale stan screenshotted the post and justified their relationship, saying “I’ve never understood this argument. Betty & Jughead aren’t related at all & didn’t know that they shared a half brother until after they were together. Also they weren’t raised with this brother & believed (for most of the time they knew about him) that he was dead. [sic]”

Another wrote, “[Lili Reinhart] didn’t mention that betty and jughead are NOT related by blood in every single SDCC interview only so that y’all can keep going with the incest thing.”

Oh, and we’re not the only ones seeing the Gossip Girl parallel —

In strict terms, Bughead is not “incest,” even if their parents FP Jones and Alice Cooper wind up together. However, if the concern is that the lines between romantic love and familial love will be blurred by Charles’s presence and their parents continuing relationship, that’s legit. We don’t know what’s to come during season four… but we feel certain it will be dramatic.

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