Riverdale Season Four Drops Showing Sexy Bughead & Varchie Scenes

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The CW

Don’t panic, Riverdale stans, but a new trailer for season four has just dropped and it is PACKED full of drama. In just 60 seconds The CW has managed to get us even more pumped for the new season, without even really giving anything away. Let’s divulge, shall we?

The trailer begins with the gang searching through the woods for Jughead along with the police — where did he wander off to? We’re not sure at what stage in the season that Jug goes missing, but it’s probably a flash-forward to spring break when we saw the group burning his bloody beanie. The show’s creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa previously told E! News that this season will show the events that lead up to that burning beanie moment. He said: “We’re going to see what leads up to it and then we’re going to see the fallout to that scene, and that’s sort of the general shape of season four.”

In the short clip, we also see Betty get hit over the head with a gun *gasp*, Veronica involving herself in some kind of badass scandal, the ladies doing a hot dance routine, as well as lots of other OMG moments.

One of the main points we can take away from the trailer is that all of our favorite couples still seem to be going strong (until Jughead goes missing, of course). There’s a steamy scene between Veronica and Archie, because would it even be Riverdale without one? And also an intense clip between Betty and a shirtless Jughead. The trailer also contradicts Madelaine Petsch’s earlier comments about Choni getting into some hot water, as the trailer shows the girls storming through the halls of Riverdale high together and stronger than ever. TG for that!

Riverdale Trailer

The CW

Lastly, the trailer ends with the sound of Jughead screaming for help while the gang toasts to senior year. Will the group even make it to graduation? You’ll have to wait another whole month to find out, as season four of Riverdale premieres on October 9th. Watch the trailer below.


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