2 Chainz & Ariana Grande Prove There’s No Beef In “Rule The World” Music Video

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rule the world music video

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As if Ariana Grande didn’t already rule the world.

The music video for Ari’s latest collab with 2 Chainz, “Rule The World,” came out this afternoon, and we weren’t ready. 2 Chainz worked with Ari on a remix for “7 Rings” after haters said her flow sounded too much like 2 Chainz’s song “Spend It” from 2011 and that its music video borrowed from 2 Chainz marketing for Pretty Girls Love Trap. Complex reported that the two artists sat down to hash out their issues, where Ari explained that she thought the “Spend It” sample was obvious and never meant to hide its inspiration. This is how you shut down a feud before it starts, people! Sit down, talk it out, and work together to create something beautiful. Will someone get Ari and 2 Chainz the Nobel Peace Prize, please?

The video featured Ari as a big band jazz singer with a highlight that could cut glass. 2 Chainz is supposed to be the star of this show, but instead it’s Ari’s Fenty beauty kit striking again. (We don’t *actually* know which highlight she used, but we’ll make that “Make Up” reference as often as we can until the day we die.) Ari looks even better in the video than she did in the many, many Insta posts she’s made promoting it because our girl knows a good outfit when she sees one.

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Ari has a voice made for R&B, and even though I can already hear haters waiting in the bushes to accuse her of cultural appropriation yet again, even they have to admit she sounds good. Also, it obviously wasn’t her decision to put her character in a jazz club that clearly borrows from black American history in the 1920s. This wasn’t even her single, so the amount of creative control she had for the video probably started and ended with her highlight. Blame Sebastian Sdaigui before you come for our girl, k?

Ari is one of many big names in music featured on 2 Chainz new album, which included collabs with Young Thug, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar. We already knew Ari had clout, though — this morning the world learned via Twitter that Ariana is the first artist since Michael Jackson to have four number-one pop radio hits in less than eight months, one of like a million records she’s smashed since “thank u, next” was released.

Speaking of “thank u, next,” Ari is apparently so f*cking grateful for her exes. She was spotted with Big Sean two weeks ago, and she was seen in NYC last night with Graham Phillips by TMZ. The Riverdale actor got his start with Ari in 13 The Musical on Broadway, and they dated for about three years. Talk about a throwback.

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