Selena Gomez Album Rare Mistakenly Hits Shelves 4 Days Before Release

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Selena Gomez Rare Album Sold Early


If you were a Selena Gomez fan at a particular Target yesterday, you may have walked out with a “rare” find. Yes, that was a pun because Target mistakenly put SG2, Rare, out on shelves a full four days before release.

An Ariana Grande stan posted to Twitter a pic of the Rare CD — complete with its plastic packaging and “exclusive” sticker. The fan wrote, “Is this supposed to be out yet?” The tweet was posted online late night on Monday.

Fans quickly flooded the responses with “NO!”, and the original poster wrote in an update that she called the Target she went to and asked them to take it off the shelves before its release — as the fans were begging her to do. According to the Twitter user, the person she talked to on the phone said they’d take it off of shelves in the morning, but she would go back and check.

While obviously Selena would still get the profits from the physical album sold at Target, the fear is that someone could buy it, rip it onto their computer, and then upload a leaked version of the album before its release date. Taylor Swift‘s Lover was leaked just one day before it was supposed to drop and it *devastated* fans. Luckily, the senior director of digital marketing at Selena’s label, Interscope, Kirsten Stubbs, has seen Target’s gaffe and said in a tweet that she was “looking into it.”

Selena Gomez fans have been waiting for a new album from the Wizards of Waverly Place star since 2015 when she dropped Revival.

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