Selena Gomez’s “Feel Me” Is Essentially A Hailey Baldwin Diss Track

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It’s been a little over a month since Selena Gomez‘s second studio album Rare dropped and the singer is already giving us new songs. We’re trying to believe this has nothing to do with Justin Bieber‘s album full of love songs to Hailey Baldwin, Changes, coming out — but considering the content of her latest track, we’re not so sure.

SelGo previously said she wasn’t going to release “Feel Me” because it wasn’t true to who she is anymore, but it looks like she’s had a change of heart. And there is tea spilled in this song that we are 100% licking up (sorry for the visual).

The lyrics say things like “When you’re running, who you run to? / Where do you go to hide? / When she ain’t giving you enough to /
Get you through the night” and “Won’t be caught up in the middle / Of your highs and your lows / Baby, as long as you’re not with me / You’ll always be alone.” It’s pretty blatantly about J.B., but the clear references to “another” could be about one of his exes from back in the day — or about Hailey Baldwin, whom he was also on-again-off-again with during the same times he dated Selena. However, the timing of this release certainly feels a little… suspicious.

There are a ton of Selena Gomez songs that didn’t make Rare since Selena’s health and other problems caused a pretty major delay between her last album, Revival and the next — which meant “Feel Me” wasn’t the only one that Sel felt didn’t represent her accurately now. One thing is for sure though… the fans are *very* happy “Feel Me” has been officially released — after all, Sel first gave fans a taste during the Revival era. It’s been long enough.