Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber *Not* Collabing On Her New Album Despite Twitter Rumors

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On Tuesday, a file of previously leaked Justin Bieber songs made the rounds on Twitter. The file contained 26 officially unreleased songs — including *two* Selena Gomez collaborations. One is entitled “Unfamiliar ft. Selena Gomez” and the other is called “Strong ft. Selena Gomez.”

Some fans believed that the collaborations between these two exes are part of their upcoming musical projects. Selena fans believed that “Strong” was part of her second studio album, which they claimed would be called Seven Heavens.

Rumors of a Seven Heavens album have circulated online for a long time amongst Selena fans. In 2018, when fans thought she was about to drop her second full-length project, multiple fake covers and tracklists circulated on Twitter.

The rumors appeared to be linked to a T-shirt that Selena was spotted wearing in a polaroid. Since the second Selena Gomez album didn’t appear in 2018, we doubt that Seven Heavens will be the name of her forthcoming album.

As for Justin Bieber, it appears as if these songs have nothing to do with his upcoming fifth studio album. Although Justin has been accused of singing about Selena on his recent collaboration with Chris Brown (gross, we know), these tracks were from 2014, when he and Selena were on better terms.

Matching Selena and Justin collaborations sound like pop heaven. But we doubt Justin’s new wife Hailey Baldwin would allow it.

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