Katherine McNamara Teases “Gut-Wrenching” Moments In Final Shadowhunters Episodes

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Shadowhunters is ending, and we’re seriously bummed. Katherine McNamara, who plays lead character Clary Fray, used some *big words* when describing the series final episodes. “Gut-wrenching,” devastating, sad, and “truly terrifying” were tossed around. Oh, and “bloodiest season yet.” We’re not freaking out, you’re freaking out.

Katherine at least confirmed that Clary would be in the last twelve episodes after that giant midseason cliffhanger where her ~fate was left in the balance~ or whatever, but she remained silent on what her role would be as the show ramps up to its epic conclusion. She only said she’d be appearing in a “very different capacity,” so really, anything is possible. Maybe Clary really is dead and Katherine will be her secret twin sister or something. We would not rule it out, TBH. We swear, if she’s just there in spirit, we’ll riot. (And, yes, we know the ridiculously long hiatus ended last night and we fully know what happened to Clary, but in the interest of keeping things *spoiler free* we’re faking ignorance. You’re welcome, late streamers!).

“Anything you think you’re sure of, anything you think is on solid ground is not,” Katherine spilled to Cheddar. “We take everything in these last 12 episodes and we turn it on its head. It’s our bloodiest season yet, and it is a true roller coaster. We have these beautiful, wonderful, romantic moments. We have devastatingly, gut-wrenching, sad moments, and some truly terrifying stuff coming.”

Um, clearly. We mean, we’ve all seen *this* trailer right?

When Dominic Sherwood (swoon) was asked to comment on the series’ finale, he made some weird faces after an interviewer wondered if fans would be satisfied with the story’s ending. Um, dude. WTF. Thankfully, the Cheddar interviewer asked him to elaborate, and he said stories would be “rounded out,” but there would still be mystery left at the end, and heartbreak and sorrow. Whoopee. He said it in that wonderful accent though, so we ain’t mad at it.

Katherine has said in the past to Entertainment Tonight that the ending is “a question mark” that’s open for interpretation and that it took her a hot second to warm to the idea before embracing it.

“It wasn’t what I expected and I don’t think anyone will expect it,” she shared.

Maybe the showrunners are hoping a slightly open ending will gas up fans to continue their intense campaign for a revival. Planes have been flown over the Netflix offices, someone bought a billboard in Times Square, and there was a month-long subway ad campaign in support of continuing the series in South Korea, but so far, it’s looking grim.

Until we get a sliver of hope for someone to #SaveShadowhunters or an actual happy ending up in here, looks like we’re just going to have to take Matthew Daddario‘s advice: spend our Mondays watching Shadowhunters and our Tuesdays recovering.

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