Spotify Sent Out Notif For Taylor Swift’s “Surprise” Song “The Archer” Way Too Early

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After all that Taylor Swift and Spotify have been through, this is the last thing they need. But alas, right in the middle of Taylor Swift’s live-stream (where she’s explaining details of the Lover deluxe editions and probably announcing her “surprise” release “The Archer”), Spotify sent a push notification to fans that read: “Surprise! Taylor Swift just dropped The Archer, a new track from her upcoming album Lover.” The only problem? It wasn’t dropped. Excited fans rushed onto the music streaming service and noticed that her most recent release is still “You Need To Calm Down” meaning someone over in the Spotify offices seriously messed up.

We can confirm that Spotify users in the whisp offices got the push notification for Taylor’s new track as well. Some are blaming Mercury’s retrograde for the communication/technology error (a typical symptom of the cosmic event, and one that Taylor herself buys into).

In the livestream, however, Taylor herself confirmed that the song would be out momentarily and also specified that it’s *not* a single, it’s just a song Taylor wanted to randomly drop. Maybe making up for that! sticker! on! May! 13th!? That’s the running theory right now.

Either way, stream “The Archer” when it drops. We’ve already got some theories on what it’s about and we haven’t even heard it yet.

[UPDATE: Approximately four minutes after the push notification was sent, the post went live on Spotify.]

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