This Riverdale Fan Theory Suggests Sweet Pea and Reggie are Related

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If you’re anything like us, you probably watch Riverdale religiously, and TBH, we don’t blame you! Week after week, the hit CW show continues to pull us back in with all of its unsolved mysteries, and while we sometimes just want them to be solved already, we’d be lying to ourselves if we said these cliffhangers aren’t keeping us totally invested.

As with any mystery series, though, we can always count on the diehard fans to come up with wild and crazy theories as to what’s actually going to happen, and even if they may not be 100% accurate all the time, we have to admit that they certainly do make us think. The latest fan theory, for example, suggests that Sweet Pea and Reggie are actually related. Sure, you’re probably scratching your head right now, but the fan who came up with this theory might actually be onto something!

So, why are some fans convinced Sweet Pea and Reggie are related? Well, it all started when Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the creator of the series, posted an image on Instagram teasing a flashback episode about the Riverdale parents. The photo was of the script cover, and of course, he tagged each of the actors as their corresponding cartoons. See?

Inevitably, once we saw Roberto’s post we were instantly stoked for the episode. But while we were screaming internally with excitement, Tumblr user Dudebroreg noticed something a little, well, suspicious about Reggie’s tag. Of course, Charles Melton was tagged as Reggie’s cartoon, but close by, Jordan Connor, the actor who plays Sweet Pea, was also tagged. Hmm…

Dudebroreg wrote, “Charles Melton is tagged for Reggie, of course, but directly above it hovering right over the face of comic book Reggie is a tag for Jordan Connor aka Sweet Pea. Jordan’s tag is admittedly pointing towards the show logo, but it’s noticeably covering Reggie’s face and Sweet Pea has NOTHING to do with the theme of this picture at ALL. His tag is completely out of place with the rest of them.”

So, what does this all mean? Well, we’re not so sure, but this particular Tumblr user seems pretty convinced that Roberto was hinting that Mr. Mantle is not just Reggie’s father, but Sweet Pea’s, too. How interesting!

Of course, we should all take this theory with a grain of salt at this point, since, well, we don’t have any real proof at the moment that Reggie and Sweet Pea are half-brothers. Still, it’s very fun to speculate. Plus, these two characters seem to have some underlying issues with each other on the show, so is it possible that it’s just some brotherly beef? Again, it’s too soon to tell, but we can’t wait to find out if there’s any truth behind this observant Tumblr user’s theory. Good catch, Dudebroreg! We’re v impressed.

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