Why Swifties Think Taylor Swift Has Next Album Coming Before 2020

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Is the Lover era over already? We sure hope not! But some Swifties think Taylor Swift has a new album coming (perhaps by the end of the month!) since the almost 30-year-old artist changed her Instagram profile picture to her Vogue cover. While it may seem like no big deal, Taylor Swift fans have pointed out that Tay has only ever changed her Instagram photo when she has a new album coming. There had been rumors in early November that there’s another Taylor album coming by the end of the year, as reported by a pop gossip site HITS Daily Double.

Taylor fueled these rumors by posting 12 Christmas trees on tumblr — many think it’s an easter egg to an album release on the star’s own birthday, December 13 (which is 12 days away). Even further, some believe it could be a Christmas album.

We all know that Taylor is the queen of easter eggs, but if the whole holes-in-the-fence thing taught us anything, it’s that maybe we shouldn’t read into every little thing. Plus, some Swifties are saying it might not feel good for Taylor to be super excited about Loverfest next year while all of her fans seem to be ready for the next era.

Ariana Grande dropped sweetener and thank u, next a matter of months apart and tu,n, as you probably remember, was a huge commercial success. Taylor could be considering dropping another album before the year ends — but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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