5 Seconds Of Summer’s New Music Video Just Dropped & Everyone’s Wondering The Same Thing

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5 Seconds of Summer dropped the music video for their latest single “Easier” this morning and fans are going absolutely wild for the creepy new vibe the Aussie pop band have debuted.

The video is primarily shot in a cave that’s dimly lit by candles. In it, the band can be seen in various locations tied up, drowning, or performing together. The song, which is about trying to decide when it’s time to leave a toxic relationship, features the lyrics: “Is it easier to stay? It Is easier to go? I don’t know. But I know that I’m never, ever gonna change and you know you don’t want it any other way.” The lyrics of the song match the dark, moody vibe portrayed in the video, but it’s not the new style that has fans asking questions.

The video features a female lead who, near the end of the video, reveals four symbols tattooed down the center of her back. The same four symbols also appear at the end of the video on a massive poster that burns and falls. So what the heck do these symbols mean? That’s the question 5SOS fans everywhere are asking.

(Ryan Seacrest did NOT ask the question. SMDH.)

The symbols appear to represent each member of the band – Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin, as each of them has made one of the symbols their Twitter and Instagram icons. Fans are speculating whether each symbol translates into an English word, perhaps the band’s name “5 Seconds of Summer.” Others are wondering if they have cultural meaning. Fans have also noticed that Michael recently had his symbol, which has two lines above three dots, tattooed on his finger.

One Twitter user @lovegraves thinks she’s got it all figured out. It’s worth noting that Michael’s symbol from the one on the original poster sent to fans and the one that made its way to his social media and the video has had a re-vamp — but both are tattoos he’s got.

For Michael’s, she writes: “michael’s is simple enough. it’s his tattoo. in final fantasy, it’s a symbol for home. this could mean any number of things but in sake of relevance it was probably picked due to the band + fans being his home no matter where he was in the world or what sound they had. additionally, with the new era they’ve constantly mentioned growth and evolving with us over the years. it most likely represents a new chapter in their music not only for us but for them as well and their desire to keep this home they’ve built.”

For Ashton’s, she says: “ashton’s blood moon tattoo and fire. notice how it’s only the crescent moon? the crescent moon represents creativity and ashton’s symbol on the poster is essentially holding a match to it. this could mean that any preconceived notions about their music will go up in flames.”

She got them switched up, but for for Luke’s and Calum‘s, she said: “calum’s is the illuminati triangle/eye which can be seen with some alternative details in their f.o.f. clothing and also references skeleton imagery they showed in the valentine mv. also known as the eye of providence it could represent the transition from their old music that they had felt was holding them back or was unfulfilling to their current music that they enjoy making. hence the skeletons! they probably felt dead inside and not motivated creatively. the eye was essentially their ‘wake up call’ and them knowing what direction they wanted to go with the band. moving on to the background of the poster it’s clearly inverted and the faces of 5SOS are blurred so you can’t tell which member is which. again, this is a side of them + their music that we’ve never seen before. this album will create a completely different identity for themselves as a band. they’re going to be challenging you to see them in different lights (no pun intended). 5SOS’ new era will erase whatever you previously thought of them and replace it with something you never expected.”

They seem like some pretty good theories to us! You can read her full thread here, but until the boys address it themselves, we won’t know for sure.

Watch the video for “Easier” below.