Taylor Swift Is Back in The Studio & Swifties Have Lost All Chill

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That title is misleading, I know, because Swifties never had any chill to begin with. Taylor Swift walked into the studio this morning and found her friends and collaborators Jack Antonoff and Laura Sisk had thrown her a belated surprise party! The Woman of the Decade celebrated the big three-oh last Friday.

Yes, it’s nice that Taylor’s friends threw her a lil’ party and it’s nice that the three of them wrote “Lover” a year ago… but the *real* takeaway from this post is: TAYLOR SWIFT IS BACK IN THE STUDIO.

Just one question: Is she recording her next studio album or re-recording the masters that Scooter Braun scooped up from under her? It’s been said previously that Tay is not allowed to re-record albums one through five until fall 2020, so our bets have got to be on TS8. This comes soon after she released an impromptu Christmas track called “Christmas Tree Farm.” Clearly, the songstress’s creative juices have been flowing.

Most are on the same page that it’s got to be her masters or her next album, but a Swiftie joked (?) that she’s rerecording the words to “Cruel Summer” to be “Cruel Winter” so she can drop it as a single. Yesterday she said she’s “been looking at what fans are saying on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and stuff, to see what they wanted to hear, and just you know, I’m a real people pleaser,” and pleasing the people would be dropping more Taylor now so, really, who knows?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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